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POS Obligation: The answer is myPOS

Here we are: on June 30, 2022, the POS obligation is triggered. Or rather, in reality the POS has already been mandatory since 2013 but until now its absence and non-use were not subject to sanctions. But now things change, and it is good to be prepared.

POS Obligation: What Changes?

As anticipated, the obligation of the POS it’s not the real news. In fact, the POS has been mandatory since 2013, according to the provisions of article 13 of the decree-law of 18 October 2012, n. 179 and subsequently by article 23 of the Tax Decree linked to the 2020 Budget Law.

What does it mean? That traders, operators and freelancers (electricians, lawyers, craftsmen, accountants, doctors, etc.) are required to have the POS and to accept electronic payments. And yes, this applies to both those who have a fixed location and to those with itinerant activities, such as street vendors.

So what’s the news? As anticipated, the change concerns sanctions. Activities that do not have a POS by 30 June 2022 may be fined.
The basic amount of the fine is 30 euros, to which 4% of the transaction denied to the customer will be added.

Let’s take an example.
Let’s say you walk into a shop. Buy what you need and then ask to pay for everything – 100 euros – with the card.
If the merchant refuses, the penalty for him would be 30 euros + 4% of 100 euros. Basically 34 euros.

Yes, but which POS do I choose?

When we say “POS”A part of us think of the classic bank. And that’s not entirely wrong. Until a few years ago, in fact, the most common procedure involved the involvement of classic banking institutions. In short, in essence, the merchants had to go to the bank, make sure they had a business or professional account and finally request the POS, which normally provided for the payment of the monthly fee, commissions on the transaction and any one-off costs, such as for example the one for installation.

However, things have evolved a lot. Today the bank is only one of the possible alternatives. In fact, over the years companies have been born that have been able both to offer a better service to their customers and to offer more modern and intuitive terminals.

myPOS GomyPOS Go

It also belongs to this category myPOS, that to encourage exhibitors to embrace this important change has decided to offer them a particular offer.

Until 31 July 2022 it will be possible to buy myPOS Go at the discounted price of € 9.90, price that allows you to take home a pocket terminal, light and robust, with an integrated 3G / 4G SIM and the ability to send digital receipts via SMS and email. In addition you will also get a free Visa Business card.

POS Obligation: Why Should I Choose myPOS Go?

Well, the question is legitimate.
myPOS Go is the cheapest terminal of myPOS, it does not provide for a monthly fee and the expense depends solely on the transactions made.

What are the benefits?
First of all it is very compact, which is easy to transport, and very simple to use. The SIM inside it then makes it totally independent and therefore also suitable for those who do not have a fixed place of work, while the possibility of send the receipt via SMS or email it completely frees you from paper and also satisfies your “green” spirit.
And the accepted circuits? The device supports credit, debit and prepaid cards issued by Visa, VPay, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, UnionPay, JCB e Bancontact, in addition to transactions con Apple Pay, Google Pay e Samsung Paythus allowing customers to pay with smartphones and smartwatches.

myPOS benefitsThe VISA myPOS card

Alongside the specific advantages of the terminal, we also find all the power of the myPOS offer, starting with instant availability of collections on myPOS account.
An important clarification: the myPOS account is a merchant account, not a bank account. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it. In reality, regardless of whether you have a bank account or not, you can still make wire transfersboth to suppliers and to transfer money to another account, e shop both online and in-store using the linked business debit card. There is also the possibility of withdraw cash from any ATM.

obbligo POS myPOS Payment tAGmyPOS Payment Tag

You can also count on a series of additional features related to the POS. Top-Upfor example, it allows you to make phone top-ups while myPOS Payment Tag generates a secure and customizable web page that you can share with customers via email, WhatsApp, Telegram and any other messaging app. All this to allow customers to pay remotely, without sacrificing the simplicity and immediacy of the myPOS system.
myPOS also supports the pre-authorizationuseful for example for hotels and restaurants, and the issuance of Gift Cards, so merchants can offer discount coupons to their customers.

We point out two last functions that could be useful to companies that have several employees. The first is the possibility of create a profile for each person who accesses the POSso the owner can have a complete picture of what his staff has done.
The second is Tipping. Basically myPOS supports tips, an option that is particularly useful in bars and restaurants.

myPOS CarbonmyPOS Carbon

What if myPOS Go isn’t enough?

myPOS Go is just one of the terminals offered by myPOS.
To find out what other options are available, you can visit the official myPOS website or go to one of the Experience Stores in Italy, in Milan and Rome.
Yes, myPOS also has physical stores.

POS obligation with myPOSThe myPOS Experience Store in Milan

What’s the point? The purpose is twofold.
On the one hand you can see and touch the entire offer of the companyfrom myPOS Glass – which transforms your smartphone into a real payment terminal – to myPOS Carbon, resistant to dust, shocks and water.
On the other hand you can actually compare yourself with the company staff, confirming that it is not just a company that operates online and that, once you have purchased the terminal, it will not abandon you. myPOS is in fact ready to put its face on it and to be easily reachable by its customers, reassuring interested parties of the concreteness of myPOS.

Do you live far from Milan and Rome? Don’t panic: you can count on a multi-channel assistance and contact service ready to meet the most diverse needs.

To find out more and to proceed with the purchase of myPOS Go, so as to be ready to face the new POS obligation, you just have to fly to the myPOS page dedicated to the offer.

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