PosteMobile: 4G arrives even in roaming

PosteMobile: arriva il 4G anche in roaming thumbnail

Good news for PosteMobile customers who from this week have the opportunity to use 4G even when I am in international roaming. Until a few days ago, in fact, the operator’s customers had to be satisfied with navigation via the 2G or 3G network. Starting from this week, however, when they are abroad, the PosteMobile SIM cards also have the possibility to access the 4G network. Here are the details on this important news from PosteMobile.

4G in roaming also arrives for PosteMobile customers

The news launched by MVNOnews certainly represents an important news for PosteMobile customers which, we recall, is the first virtual operator in Italy by number of customers and uses the Vodafone network. The possibility of using 4G in roaming (in particular in the EU) is fundamental and will guarantee PosteMobile users a better user experience. Many international providers are phasing out the 3G network and, in some cases, even the 2G network. Consequently, the switch to 4G is a central element in being able to use the smartphone abroad.

There is no VoLTE yet

For the moment, PosteMobile users will have to wait a little longer to be able to use the Times and take advantage of the 4G network also for calls and not just for navigation. This technology should only be rolled out over the next few months. The debut should materialize by next summer. We will know more shortly. For now, the operator has not released official information.