Power2Music, the musical contest for young talents

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Technology offers us extraordinary potential in many fields and – as we have discovered more and more in recent years – also in art. In this case we are talking about music, thanks to the great music production contest Power2Music launched by Pulsee Light and Gas with the participation of industry leaders. Up for grabs for 5 young talents of the seven Italian notes, the possibility of seeing (or rather hearing) one of your own songs transformed into an immersive listening experience.

Power2Music, the contest for the musical future

Applications are still open (and will remain so). until February 27th) for this great musical contest. Singers and bands from all over Italy will be able to propose their own productions to be selected by an exceptional jury, which collects experts from across the spectrum of the music world. The five winning songs will then be able to enjoy an exceptional experience.

Starting from the theme of energy, each of the participants will have to create a piece which will then be examined by the jury, led by the Artistic Director of the project Philip Abussi, Sound Artists and Music Creators. The authors of the 10 most deserving pieces will pass to the second phase of online pitchin which they will be able to tell their story to overcome the second screening that will lead to choosing the 5 winners.

These will then move to the studios of Mokamusic, where they can rework their own pieces. To accompany them in this experience will be Androkeyboardist, producer and programmer for Negramaro, one of the most important Italian bands.

But we talked about technology and the future. This because the songs will then be mixed in Dolby Atmos, a tool borrowed from cinema that allows you to create a 360° enveloping listening, to create something unique. A rare opportunity to give even more life to your song, to which is added the subsequent distribution on different streaming platforms, in one speciale playlist di Pulsee all dedicated precisely to Dolby Atmos technology.

The commitment and role of technology

In a historical moment in which, as mentioned above, the debate is on on the relationship between technology and art, it is good to remember that the role of the artist is still basic. All the possibilities offered by progress must not replace the creative process, but rather expand the boundaries within which one can move, to obtain even more extraordinary results.

power2music contest musicale pulsee andro

In this sense, therefore, the Power2Music music contest becomes a unique opportunity for young musicians to show off and show off your talent. An opportunity that is perfectly in line with the Open Innovation program Pulsee Play For Future and that can really be a turning point for a band, as he mentioned himself Andro talking about his past experiences, to then add:

“Pulsee Power2music is a very stimulating initiative and an opportunity for real discussion with young producers who want to get involved by giving their creative flair a real opportunity. It will be an active laboratory of talents who love to interpret current musical events having all the necessary technology and experience at their disposal“.

How to participate in the Power2Music music contest?

power2music contest musicale pulsee philip bussi

The aforementioned followed Philip Abussiwho thus described the spirit of the project and the technology involved:

“Innovating in the music field means experimenting with new technologies and new sound languages, immersive audio is undoubtedly the new frontier in the use of audio content. With Dolby Atmos we are able to offer highly immersive experiences. Music which, spatialized, acquires and transmits even more information, increasing the level of entertainment and involvement.

Like Mokamusic, we are proud to contribute to Pulsee Power2music which wants to make this innovation within the reach of young artists so that they can begin to move towards the use and production of the music of the future”.

power2music pulsee alicia lubrani music contest

Finally, he says Alicia LubraniChief Marketing Officer & Country Corporate Communication Director di Axpo e Pulsee:

“Discovering the passions of communities by working in the contexts in which they are expressed is one of Pulsee’s main objectives. Power2Music is a social impact project that looks at innovation and that 100% represents our digital DNA and the commitment to enable the right energy in favor of talent“.

To take part in the contest musicale Power2Music just go to the official website of the initiative and send your track, following all the guidelines. And who knows, maybe in the future it could be you who will find yourself with an immersive song born of your creativity. You have until February 27th!