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Gamers, may the end of summer not bring too much sadness in you, because PowerA is here for bring some light into our lives with the new controllers of the series Spectra. Thanks to PowerA we got our hands on the Spectra wired controller for Xbox Series X | S and on the Spectra dedicated to the Nintendo Switch and both have given us a lot of satisfaction and an extra touch of light. The Spectra series is distinguished by a design with LED lighting and all the power of the company’s controllers, to be skilled players, but with style. Let’s find out all about PowerA’s Spectra controller series in this review.

The review of the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox

The Controller Spectra Infinity per Xbox Series X|S di PowerA is a one-of-a-kind controller. It is characterized in fact by a bright color offered by a band of LED lights that runs around the “perimeter” of the controller and rings of light around the analogs, keys and the directional cross. We have available 2 LED modes, Breathing and Solid to choose, thanks to a practical button on the back, the color that we like the most Verde, white, red, orange, yellow, lime, aqua, blue and purple. Beyond the colors, this Spectra controller maintains the high standards that PowerA has accustomed us to. Excellent quality and an ergonomic and pleasant grip make it an excellent controller for all hands.

In the back we also find in this model the Trigger Lock, three-level levers that allow us to lock the triggers at three predefined “heights”. In this way we will be able to choose how long the trigger is activated depending on the type of game. Also in the back of the Joystick we find two mappable buttons easily. Just use the Program key and indicate which key the mappable buttons will correspond to. This is an extremely useful option in those games where speed is everything, so you will be able to push a button without having to lift your finger and lose precious seconds.

Not even one is missing 3.5mm Jack inlet and a practical lever to select the audio volume or to deactivate / activate the microphone. Inside the controller we also find the “dual-rumble” motors that provide excellent tactile feedback for a better immersion in the game.

Our experience

We tried the Spectra for Xbox for about two weeks, during which we used it for every type of game, from platform to competitive. Although the performance is far from Pro model, we found ourselves in our hands an excellent controller that manages to perfectly blend design and efficiency. In short, not just beautiful lights, but a serious controller that has given us a lot of satisfaction. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the anti-friction rings of the analogs that really make you feel the difference compared to other controllers.

The mappable keys on the back were extremely helpful and for us, much easier to use than the classic “Pro Pack” of the PowerA Pro model. These are not two extra buttons on the controller but two buttons that can replace the function of the others. If for example we have to take the square button to load the weapon, we can have the square function replaced by one of the mappable buttons on the back. This will allow us to be much faster on the action.

The overall feel of the controller is more than pleasant, with the top satin and elegant and the bottom knurled for a better grip during the game. For the rest we find all the functions that we would find in the original Microsoft controller but we must admit that the effect of LED lights is truly spectacular especially when playing at night. A must-have controller in our collection.

PowerA’s review of the Spectra Enhanced wired controller for Nintendo Switch

Certainly could not miss a member of the family Spectra dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. This Gamepad uses well 8 colors of LED lights it’s a Rainbow mode with alternating colors. This model also maintains the design standards of the previous one. We are faced with an elegant black completely satin, “soft” to the touch that guarantees an excellent grip. This controller is also lighter than PowerA’s Pro Wireless Model, we will be able to do long gaming sessions without getting tired and without our hands sweating.

Also in the Spectra for Nintendo Switch we find on the back two mappable buttons with the key Program dedicated. Also in this case it takes a few seconds to program the two keys and act quickly in the game action. We lose the trigger locks of the series dedicated to Xbox but considering the typical video games offered by the Nintendo Switch, it is a not too important “loss”.

Our experience

Thanks to PowerA’s Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch, we got to test a number of Nintendo games in style. There LED coloring is really pleasant and the wide range of colors allows you to select the one that best suits our mood or even the game being played. The general Feel is excellent and the lightness of the controller does not suggest, as often happens, a lack of attention to the materials used, quite the contrary. The quality is really great and thanks to the 3 meter cable, you can play from any distance.

The mappable buttons on the back were also extremely useful in this case but, taking a look at the nintendo video games, not so essential. It will be fun to test and change them over and over depending on the game you are playing.

Also in this model we find the rings for anti-friction analogs, now we can’t do without it anymore. They guarantee exceptional fluidity of analogs for better feedback to the player which inevitably impacts on greater immersion in the game.

Prices and availability

Both of PowerA’s Spectra controllers are now available on both the official PowerA website and Amazon.

The Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch costs 39.99 €.
Lo Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller per Xbox Series X|S costa invece 71€ (often on offer).

The PowerA family

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