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Prepare for eternal conflict with Secretlab’s new Diablo IV Collection

Prepare for eternal conflict with Secretlab’s new Diablo IV Collection. Go fearlessly into the heart of the unknown. Track Lilith through the Sanctuary, supported by research-based ergonomics from Secretlab

The Mother of Sanctuary has returned to reclaim the mortal realm, but you won’t have to face the Daughter of Hatred alone. You must not face the Daughter of Hatred alone. Defeat Lilith’s legions of hell from the Secretlab Diablo IV Lilith and Inarius Edition chairs, designed in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment. Diablo IV is the next installment in the Diablo universe after over ten years. It marks a highly anticipated return by millions of fans around the world, which harks back to the series’ dark roots. With a total of nearly 62 million hours played, Diablo IV beta weekends were the largest in Diablo history, testament to the legions of fans waiting to return to the pits of Hell. Action RPG pioneer,

Prepare for eternal conflict with Secretlab's new Diablo IV Collection

Details on Secretlab’s new Diablo IV gaming chairs

Diablo defined the genre and spawned an entire generation of RPGs. 1997’s Diablo was hailed as

an almost flawless gaming experience

da PC Gamer. Praised for its captivating gameplay, atmospheric soundtrack, and stellar replay value. With randomly generated dungeons and a wide variety of enemies, items, levels and quests. Diablo IV builds on this rich legacy, taking players back to a Sanctuary descending into madness. Equipped with all the pioneering ergonomic features of the award-winning TITAN Evo. The Secretlab Diablo IV Collection was designed to give you comfortable support for for hours and hours as you explore the vast open world, loot dungeons and conquer world bosses. You will never get tired during your quest for legendary equipment, even if you play in the Torment world tier.

Statements regarding the new Diablo IV collection by Secretlab

I fell in love with the world of Diablo from the very first game. No other game has come close to recreating the bleak landscape of Sanctuary and its tales of heroism and sacrifice and fans are hungry for the dark return of Diablo IV. The Secretlab Diablo IV Collection pays homage to the creators of Sanctuary and the duality between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. We have recreated Lilith and Lilith and Inarius in intricate detail, both mirror images and in direct opposition to each other

Commenta Alaric ChooCo-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Secretlab.

The Secretlab Diablo IV Collection will be available in limited quantities at launch.

Prepare for eternal conflict with Secretlab's new Diablo IV Collection

Diablo IV Lilith Edition

Welcome the return of Lilith when you take a seat in the Secretlab Diablo IV Lilith Edition Chair. Sin is your birthright: break the chains and discover who you are meant to be. Upholstered in black Secretlab NEOTM Hybrid leatherette and accented in blood red suede, the Lilith Edition chair was forged deep within the Burning Hells. The horned face of the Mother adorns the back, worked in intricate embroidery. Her wings spread out to the front of the chair, taking on a membranous shape that echoes the ritual that called her back to Sanctuary.

Diablo IV Inarius Rdition

The way of redemption is before you. Cleanse your soul for Inarius with the Secretlab Diablo IV Inarius Edition Chair and hold on to the light. Archangel Inarius is revealed in all his glory on the back of the chair, a fitting tribute to the Holy Father. The Secretlab NEOTM Hybrid white leatherette brings to mind the light of the High Heavens as the brilliant wings of Inarius wrap across the front, with gold and gray panels.

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