Presented a test for the diagnosis of Covid-19 in 20 seconds

Virusight e Technogenetics presentano un test per la diagnosi del Covid-19 in 20 secondi thumbnail

While the effects of the pandemic have eased in Europe, the Covid remains a highly topical issue, especially in China and the importance of being able to count on rapid and accurate tests is high. Virusight Diagnostic together with Technogenetics has developed a new high accuracy rapid saliva test that allows you to identify Covid-19 in 20 seconds.

A new saliva test allows you to diagnose Covid-19 in 20 seconds

The new test developed and patented by Virusight Diagnostic and Technogenetics consists of a diagnostic kit, TGS Velox AGintegrated with software that exploits artificial intelligence as well as a portable spectrophotometerSpectraLIT. The test in question is of the salivary type and requires hardly any 20 seconds for a diagnosis of Covid-19.

According to the data collected following the clinical trial, the test to identify Covid-19 created by Virusight Diagnostic and Technogenetics presents an accuracy of 96.3% compared with the gold standard RT-PCR technique. Currently, the test is in preliminary stages but will be launched globally in the near future. Of note, Virusight recently introduced the product in Hong Kong through its local AI partner InnoBio Limited.

Il Dr. Salvatore Cincotti, CEO of Technogenetics, underlines: “The data is immediately processed using a digital cloud platform from which it is possible to draw globally. The excellent result obtained with clinical trials demonstrates the feasibility and potential of this diagnostic platform. The uniqueness of this technology has strengthened the joint commitment of our two companies to extend the methodology to other diagnostic applications such as HPV, HIV and celiac disease as well as urinalysis, early determination of oncological biomarkers and other tests”.

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