Press Start, here are the numbers of the first edition

Press Start, ecco i numeri della prima edizione thumbnail

Truly exceptional numbers for the first edition of PRESS START – Video Game Student Conferenceorganized by IIDEA at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Cultural Partner of the initiative. Last weekend (Friday 7 and Saturday 8 October) over 400 panel attendees and more than a thousand people connected on average on Twitch.

Press Start, here are the numbers of the first edition

The event recorded a sold out for seats in attendance, with a full house to attend the 45 professionals who took turns on stage to talk about the video game industry in Italy. With 10 panels articulated on 5 thematic areas: design, art, technology, support e management.

400 people attended in person, over 1000 people (with peaks of 1200 people) logged on on Twitch. And there was no lack of moments for orientation and recruiting with over 350 1: 1 matches organized with MeetToMatch, matchmaking partner by Press Start. With 8 companies and 5 schools looking for talents in the meeting area.

Winners of the PRESS START Video Game Student Awards

Luisa Bixio, Vice President of IIDEA, she explains: “We are enthusiastic about the welcome that students have reserved for this first edition of Press Start. During the two days of the event, the feeling of having finally given life to a necessary appointment was tangible. The positive and energetic climate that has been established among the participants and the incredible numbers we face today are two clear indicators that confirm that the experiment of launching a student conference was a success. Our warm feeling is that we have laid the foundations for an appointment that has all the prerequisites to establish itself ”.

Video Game Student Awards

In addition, i Video Game Student Awards, with 15 professionals serving as jury for three awards: Fresco Award, Luna Award and Strano Award. Over 30 nominations, but they won the two thousand euros up for grabs:

  • Dino Path Trail di Void Pointerroguelike survival that mixes western and dinosaur atmospheres, wins the Fresco Award
  • 11 Years Ago di Red32a narrative puzzle game to solve the mystery of the Blackwood family, wins the Luna Award
  • Dirty Paws di SpaceDuck Studiooriginal mix of board game, video game and AR, wins the Strano Awards

“As an association we felt the need to work for the creation of a meeting and training platform for future professionals of the video game industry, which has so far been lacking in Italy, but none of this would have been possible without the support of the Museum and everyone. the partners who helped us in the construction of this event ”, he added Luisa Bixio.

You can find more information on the event and on IIDEA on the official website.