Prime 1 Studio: Berserk diorama revealed

Prime 1 Studio: Berserk diorama revealed

Prime 1 Studio has unveiled, through its social pages, a new diorama of the Ultimate series in 1: 6 scale dedicated to Berserk’s Guts and Nosferatu Zodd

The diorama depicts the two characters engaged in a duel to the death on a snowy base. The diorama, from the Ultimate series, will be approximately 20 “tall and 26” wide. Of the model in question, Prime 1 Studio will market a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition, with the second including a pen-removing cloak and three replacement heads for Guts. The pre-orders of the diorama dedicated to Berserk will open today at 03:00 PM (Japanese time) on the Prime 1 Studio website, but the model will only be made available between July and October 2022. Let’s see the details together!

Prime 1 Studio ft. Berserk: the details of the Ultimate Masterline Series diorama

As mentioned, Prime 1 Studio proudly presented the new diorama of the series Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series dedicated to Berserk. In honor of the creator of the series Kentarou Miura, the house will produce in a limited edition this huge diorama depicting a fight to the death between Guts and Nosferatu Zodd in the snow. The details of the action model will be handmade by the designers of the production house, and the base will have a size of 20 x 26 inches (therefore about 50 x 66 cm). For the Standard Edition, which includes only the diorama, the fixed price is $ 999.

Prime 1 Studio: Berserk diorama revealed

The Deluxe Edition instead, which also includes three interchangeable heads for Guts and a removable cape for Nosferatu Zodd, it will cost $ 1,099. Both will be available between July and October 2022 but can be booked from today, Thursday 15 April from 03:00 PM onwards (Japanese time).

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