Prime Day, beware of phishing emails with fake offers

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Prime Day 2023 is drawing to a close, with many consumers taking advantage of great deals. But cybersecurity experts warn users: during i Prime Day and in general during the sales, pay attention to email di phishing. Because you risk running into scams and data theft if you are not careful.

Prime Day and phishing, beware of email offers

Amazon now acts as a point of reference for many online shoppers and Prime Day is a good opportunity to shop. But the Codes association has urged consumers to pay attention to ads, especially a those received by e-mail, because a scam could be hiding behind a tempting offer.

Ivano Giacomelli, National Secretary of Codes, explains: “First of all, we invite you to calm down. Often when there are discounts, an irrepressible desire to shop takes over and the rush to buy starts, without checking if the price is actually affordable. Sometimes we are deceived by the indication of the product running out, when in reality the stock is abundant and it is only a tactic of the sellers to push consumers to buy. So, we repeat, calm down, even more if the announcements of the offers arrive by e-mail “.

Recent studies conducted by companies specializing in information security have revealed a significant increase in phishing cases in recent weeks, with an increase of 10%.

“We think we are receiving an e-mail from a reliable organization – Giacomelli affirms – when in reality it is a trap. The message informing you of the possibility of taking advantage of discounts or buying a product at low prices is, for example, accompanied by a link, by clicking which you end up on a web page where you need to enter sensitive information, such as username, password and payment details“.

Before opening an email or clicking on a link, Giacomelli recommends checking the sender’s reputation, checking the authenticity of the email address or website. If you receive suspicious emails, you can report them to 065571996 o all’e-mail [email protected].

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