Pro-Ject presenta il giradischi di The Dark Side of the Moon thumbnail

Pro-Ject presents The Dark Side of the Moon turntable

Pro-Ject presents The Dark Side of the Moon thumbnail turntable

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the release of the masterpiece of Pink Floyd, Pro-Ject launched on the market a turntable dedicated to The Dark Side of the Moon. This is a limited edition that is part of the Artist Collection di Pro-Jecta series of turntables dedicated to great bands and artists in the history of music, such as Metallica, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and many others.

Features and price of the Pro-Ject turntable dedicated to The Dark Side of the Moon

Pro-Ject wanted to pay homage to this masterpiece with a turntable that takes up its design in a surprising way. The platter is made of glass with clear edges and is shaped like a triangle, like the prism that refracts the beam of white light on the iconic album cover.

the dark side of the moon giradischi

The arm is made of transparent acrylic to blend in with the background and the rainbow arm base is illuminated by colored LEDs that activate when the platter turns. The ignition switch is a long, clear Plexiglas rod that connects to the black triangle. The result is a faithful three-dimensional reproduction of the album cover which amazes for the attention to detail and the scenographic effect.

But the turntable is not just an object to be admired, it is also a high-quality device that offers excellent sound performance. It has a belt drive with electronic speed control at 33 and 45 rpm, an aluminum counter-platter with steel and bronze bearing, a factory pre-calibrated Pick It Pro MM head and a separate power supply to reduce noise.

the dark side of the moon pro ject

The turntable is available in a limited edition and you can pre-order it in specialized stores from the beginning of November. The announced price is 1799€

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