Pro-ject T2W: the wireless turntable that connects to WiFi

Pro-ject T2W: il giradischi wireless che si collega al WiFi thumbnail

Vinyl is a format that knows no crisis, on the contrary, it continues to conquer new fans thanks to its charm and sound quality. But if you like listening to your favorite records in every room of the house, without having to worry about cables, there is an innovative solution: the record player Pro-ject T2Wthe first in the world to connect to the WiFi network, for full playback wireless.

Pro-ject It certainly needs no introduction. The Austrian brand specializes in the production of high-quality turntables, having recently presented a spectacular turntable that pays homage to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon.

T2W It looks like a traditional belt drive turntable, equipped with a 9 inch aluminum arma glass plate and a Sumiko MM head. A setting that alone guarantees faithful and precise reproduction of the vinyl.

But the real news is the integrated wireless modulewhich allows you to transmit the turntable’s analog signal to any device connected to the WiFi network.

How the wireless turntable with WiFi works

To use the Pro-ject T2W turntable, simply connect it to your home WiFi network via the app Pro-Ject Control (available for iOS and Android). The app allows you to select the target device. The turntable supports broadcast lossless FLACwith a resolution up to 24 bit/48 kHz.

Alternatively you can choose the lossy transmission, for greater compatibility with other devices. The turntable is also compatible with all existing wireless platforms, such as Apple AirPlay e Bluesound.

Price and availability of the Pro-ject T2W turntable

The Pro-ject T2W turntable is already available at specialist retailers in three colours: white, black and walnut. The device is sold at the price of 999€. You can also buy it on Amazon via the box below.

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