Pro-Russian hackers carry out a cyber attack on the Constitutional Court

Hacker filorussi mettono a segno un attacco informatico alla Corte Costituzionale thumbnail

This morning, Thursday 23 March 2023, the website of the Italian Constitutional Court was hit by a cyber attack which made the portal inaccessible. Even at the time of writing this article (15:55) the site remains down.

The attack was claimed by NoName057 (16), a group of pro-Russian hackers who have been organizing malicious campaigns against Ukraine, the United States and several European countries for a year. In claiming the attack on their Telegram channel, the collective wrote:

“Let’s continue our Italian journey🇮🇹🔥. The portal of the Constitutional Court has been slammed”

What do we know about the cyber attack on the Constitutional Court

As mentioned, the group of cybercriminals usually claims the attacks on their Telegram channel. According to the data in our possession we can assume that the attack is of the DDOS type. A method that NoName057(16) has already used in a series of attacks on Lithuanian websites. Ukrainian media believe that NoName057(16) is also responsible for threatening messages to local journalists.

What we do know for sure is that the group came out in March last year, stating that they wanted to publicly support the Russian Federation. Since then, over the course of these 12 months, hackers have carried out a series of attacks on government agencies and the media of the main countries supporting Zelenskyj’s government.

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