Prodotti che resistono alle mode? Ecco l’Untrend Report di Klarna thumbnail

Products that resist trends? Here is Klarna's Untrend Report

Klarnaa giant of payments and shopping services assisted by artificial intelligence, recently presented its Untrendy Report.

The document offers a detailed analysis of those products that, despite changing market trends, remain constant over time. These items, selected for their durability and their manufacturers' commitment to environmental sustainability, have been positively evaluated by Good on You and have obtained the recognition of Clarity AI.

“Through the Untrend Report we want to encourage shoppers to invest in products that escape trends, that have long-term value and that come from green brands, rated positively by Good on You and Clarity AI.”

Sara Davidson, Head of Sustainability at Klarna

Klarna's Artificial Intelligence at the service of shopping

Another survey conducted by Klarna highlighted that a large majority of consumers (76%) would appreciate an AI-powered shopping assistant capable of suggesting more sustainable alternatives when shopping online, especially in the fashion, technology and household goods sectors. Furthermore, a significant percentage of respondents (66% for fashion and 75.5% for technology) believes that AI can help solve sustainability issues in these areas. However, the high cost of sustainable products and the lack of options (56.5% and 27.5% of respondents respectively) still represent significant barriers.

In February 2024, Klarna announced that its AI assistant handled over 2.3 million conversations in 35 different languages, providing support primarily for customer service and financial matters. The company's goal is to expand the capabilities of this assistanttransforming it into an integrated tool for shopping and financial management, with the aim of recommending products that are both economical and environmentally friendly.

The Untrend Report fits into this context as a step forward towards Klarna's goal of facilitating more informed consumer choices, thanks also to tools such as the map of sustainable stores, information on CO2 emissions for each order and a dashboard for responsible purchasing.

What Klarna's Untrend Report tells us

To evaluate the environmental impact of the suggested brands, Klarna used data provided by Good On Youan independent brand rating platform, and from Clarity AIwhich uses artificial intelligence to analyze the social and environmental performance of companies.

Among the recommended sustainable fashion products, a white t-shirt and a denim jacket stand out, with the ascetic and the jacket Original Trucker di Levi’s which continue to enjoy popularity. Levi's, with over 170 years of history in the denim industry, is committed to producing responsibly, favoring low-impact materials such as recycled cotton and reducing the use of water in the production process.

Sneakers See Chromefree Field they represent another example of a timeless fashion item, designed for an innovative approach to footwear production that surpasses traditional leather processing. Finally, the list also includes Sony's wireless noise-canceling headphonesan example of durable technology.

Here is the full list of products featured in Klarna's Untrend Report:

  • Levi's Original Trucker Jacket
  • Timeless white Asket t-shirt
  • Veja sneakers Campo model in Chrome Free leather
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 Cuffie wireless con Noise Cancelling
  • Essence Ittala red wine glasses available on Nordic Nest
  • Portacandele Iittala Kastehemli available on Nordic Nest

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