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Professional digital printers: what they are, models and features

Digital printing is a fully technological printing system that allows digital files to be sent to the printer, via computer or other electronic devices.

In recent years, digital printing has evolved more and more thanks to technological development. Its rapid evolution has allowed many sectors such as commercial and publishing to replace it with typographic printing techniques. The Copianova company, for over 30 years, has been supplying cutting-edge and constantly updated printing solutions and devices. In particular, the professional digital prints of the Canon Business Center are affordable and have a significantly reduced environmental impact. Now let’s see specifically what digital printers are, their models and their characteristics.

What are digital printers

Digital printing is a fully technological printing system that allows digital files to be sent to the printer, via computer or other electronic devices. In the digital printing process, files in PDF, TIF, JPG etc .. formats are transmitted directly to the substrate to be printed through the ink. The support can be made of different materials such as: paper, fabrics, plexiglass, aluminum, wood, PVC, canvas etc .. Thanks to this characteristics, unlike letterpress or offset printing that need matrices, costs and consumption are reduced. . Digital printing can be divided into two categories:

  • Domestic use. In this field, small format laser or inkjet printers are used. Laser printing is the most used in the home because it guarantees maximum print quality on small formats. Inkjet (inkjet) printing is used for small photos or posters.
  • Industrial use. Within industries or in the workplace, professional large-format digital printers are used, using UV and eco-solvent printing. UV printing uses ultraviolet rays which make it particularly suitable for printing on PVC and other very rigid materials. Eco-solvent printing is environmentally friendly and is the one that adapts to multiple materials.

With digital printing, the quality of the image in the file remains unchanged, so the print will be in high definition even in the various shades of color. Professional digital printers are mainly used by companies for the creation of posters, playbills, postcards, brochures.

Models of digital printers

As we can see on the site of the Copianova company that deals with the sale and installation of the latest generation of printing devices with low environmental impact, there are several models of professional digital printers, including:

  • Digital color printers. Through them it is possible to obtain prints with excellent image quality and rapid speed. For printing, cartridges or toners with the 4 basic colors are used: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It is therefore suitable when you need to print files with graphic texts and photos.
  • Black and white digital printers. Through them it is possible to obtain extremely defined prints in a shorter time compared to the color ones because they are monochromatic. The presence of only black color makes them suitable for printing documents and mainly text files.

Copianova also allows you to purchase professional power supplies and Canon finishing options to make it easier to use the printers when large jobs are to be done.

Digital printers are constantly improving because they go hand in hand with technological development. These new models, unlike offset and letterpress printers, are cheaper, reduce printing times, and guarantee significantly higher image quality. Furthermore, another main feature is the possibility of making prints directly on the support without the need for a tractor, and of being able to use even rigid materials. According to your needs, there are models with black and white cartridges, suitable for printing texts, and models with chromatic cartridges (yellow, cyan, black and magenta) mostly used for printing playbills, posters, etc.

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