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Project Galileo is more and more real

We have already spoken on these shores of Project Galileothe intriguing video game that the Milanese software house Jyamma Games is developing. The concept is to create a Souls-Like AA + that is oriented on Italian culture, immersing us in a fantasy world different from the one we are used to. A few months after the first teaser trailer, we finally got it find out more about development of this title.

Project Galileo wants to show the Italian tradition to the world

To find out all the news on the video game we went directly to the Jyamma Games headquarters in Milan. We found the CEO and Founder to welcome us Giacomo Grecothe Creative and Artistic Director Francesco Abbonizio and the Souls Veteran Michele Poggi, aka Sabaku No Maiku, “also known as Mike of the Desert on the web“. The latter has been providing in recent months valuable feedback in the creation of the title, helping to shape a project that has ever greater potential.

project galileo update jyamma games 05From left to right: the Creative and Artistic Director of Project Galileo Francesco Abbonizio, our editor Mattia Chiappani, the Souls Veteran Michele Poggi and the CEO and Founder of Jyamma Games Giacomo Greco

The Jyamma Games team has more than 50 collaborators, of which over a quarter are women. A relatively small team, but extremely optimized and above all motivated to be able to reach their targets. Indeed, Project Galileo undoubtedly sets itself a very ambitious goal: to become for Italian folklore what The Witcher has become for Slavic culture.

And step by step, from that first core a year ago, the project has grown, until now we reach a particularly key stage. In fact, one has been prepared first playable build, with which to present this video game to international publishers. An important moment that also marks the perfect opportunity to reveal more about the title to the world …

A look at the history of the game

project galileo update jyamma games 01Seen from this peak, the Duchy still remains a majestic panorama, the turquoise water breaks against the white cliffs, the cultivated hills give way to the city … and the distant mountains are meanwhile devoured by madness …

During the presentation, Subscription revealed some details about what the plot of Project Galileo. A complex story, which however rests on universal conceptsaround which the adventures of our main character and the figures he will meet along the way will revolve.

The world we move in is made up of many small kingdoms, each with its own culture and traditions. Territories that over time have interfaced with each other, both in a peaceful and bellicose way. Beautiful spaces, full of charm and exciting views, which are now collapsing under the effect of a mysterious power. A force that is simply not darkbut it is something deeper that is bending reality.

Abbonizio described this conflict at the center of the history of Project Galileo as a “dichotomy between stagnation e change“. The game world is in fact as if trapped by a immobility, which is holding it back, preventing the culture from progressing. And so this incredible beauty is crystallized, a prisoner of an evil that is difficult to understand and counter.

This is where it comes into play then our protagonist. An external figure, who does not come from any of the realms we spoke of earlier, who constitutes theembodiment of a natural force. An agent of change, therefore, called to stop the stagnation of this world and eliminate those who gave it origin.

Project Galileo is the door to a fantasy Italy

project galileo update jyamma games 02The streets of Elsa were full of the buzz of artisans, goldsmiths and merchants, today people are barricaded their homes or forced to work at the Palace, avoiding the terrible punishments of the Golden Lady

From the first time we heard about this game, we were fascinated by the idea of ​​his setting. The idea of ​​being able to explore a fantasy world inspired by Italian culture is incredibly powerful. There is a very great tradition of tales, legends, folklore and mythologies in our country which deserves to be exploited and made known all over the world.

To be able to achieve this, the Jyamma Games team has worked deeply in the research phase. Studies have been carried out on many aspects of our country, exploring every detail. It is not just about recovering artistic and architectural elements, but also geological, biological and much more. An immersion in a world that is philologically curated, despite being fictional. You can get a taste of it by observing the new key art of the title, released right now, which you find in this piece.

In particular there was also a great commitment in the musical aspect. This is also thanks to the involvement of Aram Shahbazians as Audio Director. He went to dig into the Italian tradition, recovering popular tools Of every kind. For example, the lyre was added to the classic mandolin, as well as the marranzano (also known as the harp) which already stood out in the first teaser of the game. A way therefore to immerse ourselves even more in this reality and highlight a another aspect of the tricolor culture and celebrate it in the world.

Our impressions of Project Galileo? Extremely positive!

At this point we have arrived at the highlight of the day. Yup, we could see a preview of what Project Galileo will actually be, viewing the playable build we mentioned earlier. We remained very impressed from the contents we saw, which seemed to us perfectly in line with the promises of Jyamma Games.

project galileo update jyamma games 04

Project Galileo is an extremely ambitious concept, but at the same time very concrete. The potential is truly gigantic and it could really become a high-impact title. The Jyamma Games team has a clear idea of ​​what they want and how to make it and it’s beautiful see how everything is taking shape and becoming more and more true.

Giacomo GrecoCEO and Founder of Jyamma Games, commented:

“The more I watch Project Galileo grow and take shape, the more satisfied and grateful I am for the work the whole team has done; we are making our personal dream come true. The story of Project Galileo is captivating, the scenography will leave the player speechless and the perception will be precisely that of being catapulted among the Italian beauties in a fantastic world. Here the masks, of which Italy is rich, will represent an essential element not only of the plot but also of the gameplay “.

We on our side are already in fervent expectation of the next update on Project Galileo, because we can’t wait to find out more. And you? What expectations do you have for this title?

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