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Prompt Designer and AI Ethicist: here are the professions of the future linked to artificial intelligence has drawn up a ranking of the 5 professions of the future directly linked to the use of artificial intelligence.

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The professions of the future, according to, linked to artificial intelligence

It is estimated that well the85% of professions that will exist by 2030 they don’t exist yet.

In addition, it must be taken into account that approximately the 51% of companies are investing heavily in AIsuggesting that the professions of the future will have to deal with the new technologies related to artificial intelligence, whether they are generative, predictive or conversational models.

It follows that the professionals of the future will be required to have transversal skills that tend to integrate a technical background and a deep awareness of the specifics of artificial intelligencewith an understanding of linguistic patterns or knowledge of underlying ethical issues.

Let’s see together what are the 5 professions of the future drawn up by indigo.aithe startup that helps companies communicate with their users using artificial intelligence.

  • The Conversation Designer

The Conversation Designer is responsible for designing the user experience in a conversation that takes place via chatbot and has copywriting and UX Design skills.

If the Conversation Designer takes care of writing useful conversations to obtain the best possible results for companies and users, the Prompt Designer takes care instead of the “brief” o “instruction” that is given to generative AI models, to produce the desired result. He also knows the technologies and at the same time the human language and its related dynamics.

  • L’Artificial Intelligence Ethicist

Usually this figure has a certain philosophical background and is a scholar ofAI Ethicsor the system of moral principles and techniques intended for the responsible development of AI technologies.

L’Artificial Intelligence Ethicist it is often academic in origin and in support of companies to eliminate the biases of Artificial Intelligence and ask questions about the impact of these technologies.

The Data Labeling Specialist specializes in “data labelling”: it is in fact expected that the market ofdata organization it will reach $3.5 billion by the end of 2024. So whether it’s data labeling for image recognition, speech systems or textual content processing, data labelers help models focus on specific inputs and how to recognize them.

  • Scenarios of the future: gardeners who “converse” with plants

As he tells Sofia Erica Rossi in the podcast Talk Magic, in a futuristic scenario the conversations will also be extended to animals and plants. In fact it will be possible for i future gardeners converse with plants thanks to specific systems of simultaneous translation between human language and vegetable language.

“Technology is changing the world of work, in any sector, at an impressive speed and Artificial Intelligence, increasingly part of business processes, is a powerful ally to help us dream and create the professions of the future”, he explained Gianluca Maruzzella, Co-founder & CEO of

“Consequently, the professionals of the future, in every field, will have to possess a basic knowledge of AI technologies. In training them, a role must be played by universities by introducing teachings on these new tools, in collaboration with companies that have been working on these technologies for years”. talk about these and other even more futuristic professions in the podcast Talk Magic in the company of Mario Moroniauthor of content for companies and curator of the production of the podcast, e Sofia Erica Rossiscience popularizer and author of an essay that anticipates the professions of the future.

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