Proscenic pet brush review: a beastly accessory

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In this article we will look at Proscenic’s Pet Brush Review. Our four-legged friends are real life companions and sometimes members of our family, but alas, sometimes the lost hair can be a problem here is that Proscenic comes to our rescue.

We have introduced the problem of the hair but in reality the brush could be a real cuddle for our quadruped friend or a great relief. In fact, in addition to eliminating the hair that has now fallen but remained on our pet we could do a real grooming.

There is no shortage of accessories and comfort either, unfortunately there are also some small defects but we discover the strengths and weaknesses of this Proscenic pet brush in its review. Before proceeding, however, it is good to specify that this brush is considered an accessory and in order to work it requires a vacuum cleaner of the same brand. Since we have tried practically all of them, you can choose between: Proscenic I10, Proscenic P10 Pro or Proscenic P11 Smart.

Packaging and design | Proscenic pet brush review

Let’s start from the packaging because despite its simplicity it managed to get us a smile. In addition to the nice photo of a dog, it is also nice to find a visual description of everything we will find inside the package.

As you can see from the photos, the contents of the package are quite rich. We find inside the cardboard in fact an extension tube, a hair regulator with various sizes, a brush for combing, and at the same time collecting, the hair and an epilating brush.

The materials chosen are good for all the components, the only discordant note concerns the various razor combs. Although they offer a series of sizes ranging from 5 to 24mm, the plastics that compose them seem a bit fragile. Given that the attack system is composed of only one interlocking passage, our fear is that it can be ruined over time and that this can create some small discomfort, but obviously not having a crystal ball our are just conjectures. Equally obviously, it will be our pleasure to create an update box in a few months in case of need.

As for all the other accessories, we were pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. The tube remains very flexible but is solid and robust at the same time. The same applies to the other components of the package.

Usage and performance | Proscenic pet brush review

We tested the Proscenic dog brush by connecting it to the I10 vacuum cleaner obviously of the same brand. The proprietary hitch allows for an easy and instant connection. All the accessories connect and use the battery of the vacuum cleaner to work and thanks to the hose the collected hair ends up directly in the tank.

We did a little grooming to our Nelly (a cocker spaniel) who loves to be pampered. Despite the persistent noise of the vacuum cleaner, the dog never got scared and she enjoyed the cuddles. Great merit is also the long enough hose that allowed us to keep the vacuum cleaner away. As for the noise, it was actually enough to keep the suction power to a minimum in order to contain the decibels.

All accessories are of good quality and work great. The brush to collect the hair in addition to being an obvious cuddle is also a good way to keep our four-legged friend clean. And if you feel like it, you can delight in giving a new look to your furry companion. Of course, you can also decide to give it a refresh by slightly shortening the hair.

Our recommendation, however, is to always inform me well before cutting your pet’s hair too much, remember that the skin of animals is very delicate and the hair acts as a protection against heat and insects. In short, a call to your trusted veterinarian will give you the right explanations.

Proscenic pet brush review: a beastly accessory

Who should buy this Proscenic pet brush?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this dog brush to all owners of a vacuum cleaner among the compatible models and who have a pet with a thick coat.

This accessory from Proscenic as well as helping us keep our apartment clean solving the problem of pet hair at the root is able to please even our four-legged friends. Moreover, it could be considered a small investment. If you think that for the price of a couple of complete grooming you can have the means to do it yourself, the situation could take an interesting turn.

Obviously there are some defects. The strength of this brush is perhaps also its weakness. In fact, the possibility of making it work thanks to a vacuum cleaner is brilliant but precludes anyone who does not have one from buying it. Quoting the same manufacturer we are faced with an accessory but in our opinion everything would have been simpler with an autonomous system even if the price would not have been so low.

In short words if you have a pet to shave and a Proscenic vacuum cleaner you will make a bargain in purchasing this accessory otherwise the choice will have to be preponderated for good.

great if you already have a vacuum cleaner

Points in favor

  • Variety of accessories
  • Practical and functional
  • The direct attachment to the vacuum cleaner works …

Points against

  • … but it limits its use
  • The measuring combs look a little delicate
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