Proscenic S1 review: car vacuum cleaner and more

Proscenic S1 review: car vacuum cleaner and more

In this article we are going to see the review of the Proscenic S1, a small but powerful car vacuum cleaner that can do much more. Strictly wireless, this Proscenic S1 is waiting to be discovered, will it have satisfied us? Let’s find out in this review

Proscenic is a rather well-known brand in the world and also in Italy. We have learned to appreciate it too thanks to the review of the Proscenic 850T. In this article, we take the wheels off technology and discover a product in the same category but profoundly different.

A vacuum cleaner that for convenience and size is considered to be a car but which thanks to its accessories can become a valid ally for small household cleaning. The Proscenic S1 in fact boasts a series of accessories and brushes that will make small house cleaning a real walk.

Proscenic S1 review: car vacuum cleaner and more

Packaging and design | Proscenic S1 Review

Inside the packaging of our Proscenic S1 we really find a complete package. In fact, to the obvious car vacuum cleaner we find two additional brushes (one of the two with double function), a base for charging which also has the function of a stand. We also find the wall transformer that will allow you to connect the base to the electrical socket.

In addition to the possibility of recharging the vacuum cleaner via the aforementioned dock, Proscenic inside the package provides a USB type C cable to directly connect the vacuum cleaner to a different charger that you may have at home. You can also connect the cable to a car charger.

We also find an instruction manual and a sheet containing the QR codes that will take you to the pages to register the product and to the page for reviews dedicated to customers.

The design of this S1 is avant-garde and functional. The LED that signals the switching on changes color according to the battery level and also signals the vacuum cleaner is charging correctly. Its slim and slender design makes it easy to use with one hand and allows you to easily reach even the most difficult to clean points.

Switching between delicate objects or reaching corners of the sofa or the most hidden parts of the car will be much easier thanks to the lack of thread and its shape.

Proscenic S1 review: car vacuum cleaner and more

Usage and performance | Proscenic S1 Review

We tested the Proscenic S1 inside our car but also on home surfaces such as sofas, armchairs and the like. Taking advantage of all the brushes made available to us, we were able to get a complete picture of the potential and shortcomings of this wireless vacuum cleaner. Before moving on to our tests let’s take a quick look at the features of this Proscenic S1.

  • Weight: 630g
  • Length: 42,7 cm
  • Power engine: 84000 PRM / 12000 Pa
  • Filter: HEPA H12
  • Power: 90 watt
  • Battery: about 30 minutes of autonomy

Let’s start by talking about the suction power which is divided into two power levels that can be easily managed via the power button. The first “speed” allows you to vacuum up dust and small residues but is not very suitable for a more demanding cleaning. In total honesty we have (almost) never been able to take advantage of this option. The second power level, on the contrary, is the most suitable for all surfaces and dirt levels.

We actually wish we had an extra level of power. If the powers were three we would be facing an absolute best buy. In the places where there was a little more dirt we really struggled. An example above all could be the hair of our dog inside our car. Only after many passes and a lot of effort were we able to clean the seats of our car.

Cleaning the filter as with all parts is very simple. Disassembling and reassembling the Proscenic S1 is really very simple. Speaking of the filter, it is good to say two more words.

The filter in question is in fact of the HEPA H12 type. This type of filter is able to capture 99.99% of the aspirated particles. In this way, an air purification also takes place. In short, in addition to sucking up the dust visible to the naked eye, you also get a deeper cleaning of the air and in particular of the dust present in it.

The container is easy to disassemble but can also be emptied by simply pressing buttons on the sides of the dust collection tank.

Who should buy this car vacuum cleaner?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this car vacuum cleaner as a support for domestic cleaning. The Proscenic S1 is a valid aid for small house cleaning and also for cleaning the car. Despite the two power levels, it cannot (and probably does not try) to replace a real household vacuum cleaner. For small unexpected events like small quantities of crumbs or powder in small quantities, it is an irreplaceable ally. The lightness, the slender and slender design make it a quick and useful ally. Even if the battery life of around 30 minutes is not much, you can always resort to type C charging.

In short, if you want a helper to dust your shelves, collect crumbs from sofas and armchairs or you want to keep your car immaculate, you are in front of the right choice. Sure, a little more power would have made it perfect but as they say perfection doesn’t exist.

Points in favor

  • Great design
  • Lightweight and functional
  • More than complete packaging

Points against

  • A little more power would have made it perfect
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