PS Now: It will be possible to play in 1080p

Sony has officially announced that it will be possible to play PS Now titles in 1080p, let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

PS Now is updated and it will also be possible to play in 1080p. The news came directly on Sony PlayStation’s official Twitter profile. This is a very interesting upgrade also seen the expansion of the catalog and the prospects that the whole community has on this service which, if enhanced, could also compete with the counterpart of Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass. Let’s find out, however, some more details.

PS Now: 1080p resolution is coming soon!

Resolution a 1080p per PS Now will arrive soon and will be available throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. This is an excellent step forward that will offer higher quality to the streaming game service offered by Sony. In the coming weeks, the update will be released that will allow this qualitative improvement in the performance of the various games. Among the latest news is Marvel’s Avengers, a highly anticipated title from last year and which, in an offer like that of the PS Now, could attract many gamers. To find out about the new titles added click here. In the meantime, here is the tweet Sony announcement:

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Sony and the possibility of offering a service that is contrast more decisively at Microsoft’s Game Pass. This qualitative improvement could be a small step in that particular direction, as could the news regarding the news regarding an expansion of the PlayStation Plus. That Sony is starting to work seriously in this regard? We will surely find out in the next months. One thing is certain, Xbox Game Pass has also prompted Sony to think about it videogame subscription services in a more concrete way than it was, until now, PS Now.

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