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PS5: Amazon delivers the wrong product

Many household appliances and no PS5: many have received a product from Amazon that does not match what they have bought

Now that PS5 it is also a reality with us, accidents like those that occurred with Amazon are perhaps the last hitches of this limping next-gen dawn. Deliveries that do not match the product are now something the web has learned to come to terms with (to the detriment of consumers), but given the cost of the consoles involved, we would have expected the latter to have been exempt from the qui pro quo of the case. As you can see in tweets similar to what we have been able to report in the article, however, the incidents turned out to be numerous.

A product other than PS5: the Amazon blunder

As user Kyonashi testified on the ResetEra forum, some have received cat’s food (albeit branded) from Amazon instead of the purchased product, the already hardly available PS5. A Bex April May (below) fared slightly better, with a multipurpose product (a Fryer). That’s not saying much, but in his case the price difference is already smaller.

The latest testimony of Amazon deliveries that we found on Twitter instead speaks of another product different from the PS5, a foot masseuse. There are many reports, but for the moment we have no official statements or measures to report. At the moment we only know of rice packs, blankets and other entirely unrelated items. The situation of Xbox Series X seems to be reporting similar problems, albeit to a lesser extent.

Have you heard of similar incidents? Tell us below, and as always do not forget to stay on so as not to miss any news from the videogame world.

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