Psychonauts 2: the release is scheduled for 2021

Comes from Double Fine Productions the confirmation that the release of the anticipated sequel Psychonauts 2 is still scheduled for the current year

The news regarding the release of Psychonauts 2, which we have been talking about for some years, have begun to intensify since last summer and, in particular, following the presentation of the first gameplay video. Recently, however, little reassuring news had come out, which questioned the possibility that the video game could be distributed in the short term. To promptly dispel these rumors and confirm thearrival in 2021 he thought about the title Double Fine.

Psychonauts 2: confirmation of the release in 2021 comes from Double Fine

The confirmation that the release of Psychonauts 2 is always scheduled for 2021 comes directly from Double Fine, the company that is taking care of its development. Although it has not yet revealed a specific date, the company has reiterated through its official Twitter account that the game will be released during the current year. Furthermore, from what was communicated by the company at the beginning of the year, we learn that the development of the game, if not completely finished, should by now be close to completion.

Psychonauts was the first video game developed by Double Fine Productions, the development house founded by game designer Tim Schafer, best known for having collaborated with LucasArts on the creation of milestones such as The Secret of Monkey Island e Grim Fandango. It is a platform 3D, characterized by surreal scenery and gameplay that includes both typical elements of the graphic adventure and others deriving from the role-playing game. Although over the years it has become a cult title, did not find immediate economic success.

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