Elden Ring: probable absence at E3 2021

Elden Ring, according to information disclosed, will not debut at E3 2021

Saturday 12 June, start of the edition 2021 dell’E3, is getting closer and closer but there is still no news on the presence of Elden Ring. On the social networks and official channels of the videogame houses that will participate, we are starting to hear about which ones games will be presented at the show. Along with these voices, there are also those about the games of which, however, perhaps we will not see anything. Along with FromSoftware’s action role-playing video game, Everwild, Hellblade 2 and the new work by Hideo Kojima will also be absent from the event.

Elden Ring, with a good chance, will not be presented at E3 2021

Being the unverified reports, all this information has no official value and therefore they might not be final. Despite this, recently, the reporter Jeff Grubb spoke in a live stream of what could be the games that will not be present at theE3 2021 and, among these, there would also be Elden Ring. The desire to know details and previews of the work of FromSoftware, which entrusted the creation of lore and mythology to the famous George RR Martin, will have to wait a little longer to be satisfied.

Elden Ring: probable absence at E3 2021

Despite previous reports, according to which the long-awaited Elden Ring could be presented atE3 2021, Grubb states that, according to him, There will not be neither at the Xbox show nor at the actual event. Meanwhile, as for the news of Microsoft, Grubb also says upcoming first party titles like Everwild and Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga will follow Elden Ring in the non-participation to the big show. Opening a small parenthesis on the new video game by Hideo Kojima, designer of the likes of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid, according to a leak it could be revealed to the next The Game Awards.

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