CoD Warzone: the new trailer shows Rambo and John McClane in action

The roster of CoD Warzone (and several other titles in the series) is enriched with Rambo and John McClane, discover them in the latest trailer

We had announced it to you and finally what has been said is now a reality. Two of the most illustrious old glories of 1980s action cinematography, John Rambo e John McClane, are coming in CoD: Warzone, CoD: Black Ops Cold War e CoD Mobile, to prove it the trailer that we propose in this news you are reading (just click on the player below to view it). Let’s see all the details on these iconic new additions in the next lines of this article.

CoD Warzone: Rambo and McClane take you back to the 80s, see them in the new trailer released by Activision

Players will be able to purchase the two new characters of CoD: Warzone e CoD: Black Ops Cold War, Rambo e John McClane (you can watch them in action in the trailer below) from May 19 at 6:00 until the June 18 at 6:00 The event comes on Call of Duty: Mobile the May, 20th all 2:00 PT. The Rambo and Die Hard bundles will include Operators and a combination of finishing moves, as well as legendary weapon models, business cards, emblems and more. In addition to the characters themselves and the content of their bundles, Activision has also promised many more new content coming to Warzone and Call of Duty in general.

Nakatomi Plaza on Die Hard, Survival Camps and an outpost of the CIA they will all appear as points of interest in Warzone. The game is also getting a new one Killstreak in Rambo’s combat bow, which comes with explosive-tipped arrows, as well as the ballistic knife from previous Black Ops titles. Warzone will also receive a limited-time 100-player mode called Power Grab, while Black Ops Cold War will receive two new maps in Standoff e Rainbow.

In short, it seems that Activision is definitely willing to ride the wave of success obtained by the popular free-to-play shooter (recently Warzone has established a new record of active players, more details here). In addition, the giant of videogame entertainment has also managed to involve the well-known studio Toys for Bob (the developer of Crash Bandicoot 4) in the development of Warzone, to learn more about it read this news.

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