Q8 service station in Paderno Dugnano: combines design and innovation

Inaugurata la nuova stazione di servizio di Q8 a Paderno Dugnano thumbnail

It was inaugurated in Paderno Dugnano the flagship station di Q8. A jewel of architecture and design, the service station inaugurated in the province of Milan, along the “Milano-Meda” expressway, expresses Q8’s vision of the network of the future: a service hub able to best meet the different needs related to mobility.

The new Q8 service station combines innovation and sustainability

Developed on a forecourt of 8.000 sqm, the system guarantees numerous refueling stations both for vehicles with traditional endothermic engines (petrol, diesel, LPG and short-term methane) and for electric ones with well six charging stations, two of which ultrafast 300 kW. Part of the investment relating to natural gas and electricity was financed with the contribution of European funds “Connecting Europe Facility” in support of the Q8 project “Cre8 – Creating the Station of the Future” aimed at creating infrastructures equipped with methane and electric recharges.

Innovative architectural and technological solutions

The architectural project is inspired by the sails of the “Dhow”, the typical boat of Kuwait, the state of the reference shareholder. The sails themselves are the distinctive icons of the Q8 brand, a symbol of tradition and innovation.

a central mast 25 meters high connects two canopies in the shape of a triangular sail to create a coverage of a total of 2,000 square meters. The first “pensivela” covers the islands of delivery of traditional fuels. Representing the energy transition, it connects through the main mast to the second “pensivela” placed to cover the dispensers of alternative products (LPG and methane) and the stalls for electric recharging.

References to the forms and architectural solutions of buildings of the Middle Eastern tradition are found in the design of theinnovative building of 1,200 square meters with low environmental impact which allows customers to choose from a diverse range of services. There are also about 60 parking spaces. The services available range from the new “Svolta” shop format; up to the Food & Beverage offers ensured by the partner Chef Express, the Italian leader in catering, present with the Panella Bakery cafeteria and the Roadhouse restaurant.

There are innovative energy efficiency solutions; LED lighting with motion sensors, use of recyclable materials; use of renewable energies, recovery of rainwater; zero-emission methane compressor, manufactured with light filtering and zone thermoregulation; canopies with materials with high solar reflectance in favor of the 70 kW photovoltaic system placed on their surface.

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