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QNAP launches the new QuCPE-303x for network virtualization

QNAP company has launched its new QuCPE-303x local network virtualization equipment

QNAP Systems, Inc. (better known as QNAP, click here for more company info), is a leading innovator of computing, networking and storage solutions. The company released network virtualization equipment today QuCPE-3032 and QuCPE-3034 with the total platform solution defined by QNE network software. QuCPE-303x integrates Network Function Virtualization, QuWAN SD-WAN and the AMIZ Cloud management platform with Intel hardware network acceleration technologies. In addition to cyber security features. Managed service providers, systems integrators and corporate IT staff can now remotely deploy anext generation virtualized multisite infrastructure agile and reliable. This, through Zero Touch Provisioning with the lowest TCO.

Statements on the new QNAP QuCPE-303x network virtualization system

The following are the first statements regarding the new QNAP QuCPE-303x local network virtualization system.

QNAP aims to build a modern IT room with lightweight, cost-optimized and agile functionality. It uses VM / VNF / Container technology, a complete QuCPE solution with QNE Network software-defined platform. It replaces dedicated networking hardware and transforms traditional IT rooms into a revolutionary virtualized IT room. Small businesses and micro businesses can flexibly build a multi-site network infrastructure by deploying a QuCPE Series 7 at their headquarters and the cost-effective QuCPE Series 3 at their branch offices and workplaces.

he has declared Titan HsiehProduct Manager di QNAP.

QNAP launches the new QuCPE-303x for network virtualization

Details on the new QNAP QuCPE-303x

The QuCPE-3034 is equipped with a processore a otto core Intel Atom Refresh C3758R, 16GB of DDR4 memory, Eight port RJ45 supports 2.5 GbE e four 10GbE SFP + fiber ports. QuCPE-3032 is equipped with a processor quad-core Intel Atom Refresh C3558R, 8GB of DDR4 memory, Eight port RJ45 supports 2.5 GbE and two fiber ports SFP+ 10 GbE. Instead, QuCPE-303x features two M.2 SSD slots for VM / VNF high-bandwidth and multitasking business applications. Intel QAT hardware network acceleration technologies, Smart NIC SR-IOV and DPDK also improve bandwidth and compute performance for virtualization or SD-WAN and VPN transmission efficiency.

Operating system

QuCPE-303x uses the QNE network operating system for VNF, VM and container. IT staff can complete the implementation of the virtual network infrastructure in 5 minutes. This using Network Service Composer with concatenation of services and displayed topology. The QNE network operating system embodies the solution QuWAN SD-WAN and AMIZ Cloud. This is to help IT staff not only establish encrypted multi-site mesh VPNs, but also optimize transmission bandwidth via the cloud. Thus realizing the remote deployment and management of multisite edge devices, hosted VMs and containerized applications.

QuTScloud by QNAP

QuTScloud by QNAP is a virtual appliance based on QNAP’s QTS NAS operating system and can be run as a virtual NAS by installing on QuCPE-303x. With HybridMount, QuCPE-303x can mount cloud storage on Virtual NAS and connect to other QNAP NAS with more storage space for virtual service data storage. The QuCPE-303x also provides an advanced military-grade security and tamper-proof center for highly secure network operations and virtual systems.

Key Specifications

  • QuCPE-3034-C3758R-16G: Intel Atom Refresh C3758R 8 core / 8 thread 2.40GHz processor, 16GB DDR4 memory (2 x 8GB), 4 SFP + 10GbE ports, 8 x 2.5GbE RJ45 ports
  • QuCPE-3032-C3558R-8G: Intel Atom Refresh C3558R 4 core / 4 thread 2.40GHz processor, 8GB DDR4 memory (1 x 8GB), 2 SFP + 10GbE ports, 8 x 2.5GbE RJ45 ports.

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