Qoobo and Bocco emo: the sweet tech mascots of CES 2022

Qoobo e Bocco emo: le dolci mascotte tech del CES 2022 thumbnail

During the first day of the THOSE 2022, we have had the opportunity to discover many new features, among which are also included Qoobo e Bocco emo. These are two very particular products, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. Qoobo is a kind of therapeutic robot, which takes the form of a pillow with a tail. The product responds to the user’s tactile commands: if you caress it, it sways gently, if you rub it, it oscillates and occasionally purrs. Bocco emo, on the other hand, is a new generation communication tool. Because of their “cute and cuddly” appearance, the two devices have earned the nickname “CES 2022’s sweet tech mascots”.

Qoobo: the pillow that helps us in moments of sadness

Qoobo it’s a sweet, furry pillow with a tail that looks a bit like a cat. It is a therapeutic device capable of giving us comfort in moments of sadness. The product, in fact, responds to our interactions. Self caressed moves and simulates purr of a cat. Its shape and structure make us want to cuddle it and hold it in our hands. The tail also moves, exactly as if it were an animated object.

IS available in different colors and sizes: gray, brown and black for the basic version, while white is added for the one with the reduced tail.

“Quobo intrigued me because the shape of the tail and the way it moves make me smile. When you are stressed, I think it can comfort and heal you ”.

Bocco emo: the tool for communicating with the family

Bocco emo, the device presented at CES 2022 with Qoobo, always has a particular shape, but in this case it is a communication product. You can call, exchange voice messages and SMS. The functionality is very simple and allows it to be used by everyone, even those who are not too close to technology. Children and the elderly will be able to communicate without too many pretensions.