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Qualcomm ready to announce the new Snapdragon 7 Gen 2

The American company Qualcomm recently announced un event scheduled for March 17, during which it should present its new creation: a brand new chipset of the series Snapdragon 7.

Qualcomm will announce a new Snapdragon 7 – possibly the Gen 2

The event is official. But what is not yet known, however, is the name of this new platform, which at the moment remains shrouded in mystery. Although there are more than one idea about it. According to some rumors, it could be called Snapdragon 7+ Gen 1. But most industry insiders believe the new creation is more likely to be named after Snapdragon 7 Gen 2, having been more than a year since the launch. And having already arrived Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Although information is scarce, some unofficial sources have already leaked some technical specifications about the new platform. Based on what emerged, the new chipset Snapdragon SM7475 should boast un core Cortex-X2 con clock a 2,92 GHz, tre unità Cortex-A710 a 2,5 GHz e quattro core Cortex-A510 a 1,8 GHz. Also, it looks like the GPU will be one Adreno 725 with a clock speed of 580Hz, as reported by some industry insiders.


If this information were to be confirmed, it would be the first time that Snapdragon uses the Cortex-X2 core on a mid-range chipset. That would be a big step forward in terms of performance. Also, the platform would be built from TSMC on 4nm process technologywhich represents another step forward in semiconductor technology.

In short, the March 17 event promises to be very interesting for technology enthusiasts and for all those who are looking for ever better performance for their mobile devices. We’ll just have to wait and see what Qualcomm has in store for us.

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