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Quantum Bebè, the platform to help new parents

Quantum Bebè is the new online platform designed to support new parents in better enjoying the experience of birth of a son. A support for all those who have children under the age of one. The creator is Simona Rusticichildcare worker and entrepreneur from Milan, who started the project during the most difficult months of the pandemic.

Quantum Bebè, a platform to support new parents

Quantum Bebè offers a complete and accessible path pfor the first year of the newborn’s life. Which are the most important 12 months for its development and the most exciting for new mothers and new fathers. Unlike other platforms, Quantum Baby is based on one vision of motherhood and parenthood that aims to create a deep connection and harmonious with your baby.

A constantly evolving project, which offers a series of courses. From preparation to that for happy mothers and babies. And then weekly live online meetings, such as the Happy family living room, in which to interact in an interactive and constructive way on the problems and changes that are being faced. But also the possibility of booking personalized, tailor-made consultancy.

“The sudden difficulty of bringing help where it was needed in full lockdown enlightened me” explains Rustici, who wants to “allow the largest number of parents to always have the necessary tools at their disposal to better enjoy their new parenthood“.

Nurse and childcare assistant, with a background in psychology and personal growth, the founder of Quantum Bebè has developed a practical and easy method to manage even the most complex situations that every new parent has to face. The site not only teaches how to do, but also how to observe, highlighting the importance of living the present moment with awareness in order to be ready and attentive to meet the needs of the child without neglecting oneself. Bringing a fresh perspective to parenting.

The packages offered

You can find support, information and practical advice at this address to better enjoy this phase of the life of children and parents. The packages are:

  • The course “Mother and baby at ease” is a path that follows you from pregnancy to the first year of your baby’s life, giving useful suggestions
  • I “Lounges for mothers and fathers with babies from 0 to 1 year” they are weekly online meetings in which to discuss with other parents and experts on various topics related to the growth and education of your newborn
  • Il Prenatal course online is a childbirth preparation course that takes place in 4 monthly lessons of about an hour and a half each
  • The online and face-to-face consultations (Milan area and province) are personalized services that offer qualified assistance on issues relating to childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding, growth and management of the newborn

Everything new parents and their children need.

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