Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

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Recently a new startup has created a new pocket device equipped with an AI assistant that intends to replace and completely forget about the famous Alexa and Siri assistants, here’s what the Rabbit r1 is and how it works, the new assistant with artificial intelligence

There was CES in Las Vegas once consumer electronics fair (you can find all the info here) and they presented a new pocket-sized device equipped with artificial intelligence that can learn any digital task you show it and he will do it for you. This innovative device that a new startup has presented is called Rabbit r1 and it seems to be the revolution of digital assistants. With the Rabbit r1, in fact, we could say goodbye to Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and all the other voice assistants we know today.

Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

Jesse Lyu presents Rabbit | Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

From what it seems, Jesse Lyuthe founder of Rabbit Inc, hates apps. At CES in Los Angeles, the founder of the new startup presented the new AI assistant Rabbit r1, which aims to break away from the use of smartphones and ask the device directly just by pressing a button and ordering it to perform an action. The Rabbit r1, in return, will respond to the command with a series of automatic scripts, called rabbit (rabbits) and will respond to your request while you do other things in the meantime. Now let’s see in detail how this new AI assistant works and what revolution it will bring to the world of electronics.

Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

The features of Rabbit | Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

The Rabbit r1 is a small device in a nice red-orange color the size of a post-it. Rabbit was designed in collaboration with the Swedish company Teenage Engineering. She has a little one touchscreen of only 2.88 inches on the left side and a analogue scroll wheel On the right side. Above the wheel there is a camera that rotates 360 degrees, with which you can take selfies, but it can also be used as a rear camera. When not active, the camera calls Rabbit Eye is facing up or down, to ensure the privacy of those who use it. The Rabbit Eye is also designed for video calls, although it doesn’t work quite like with smartphones. On the right edge of the Rabbit is a pulsante push-to-talkmust be held down so you can give it gods voice commands.

It can be connected to WiFi via wireless connection, but we can also put a sim card 4G Lte to connect to the internet. This means it doesn’t need to connect to another device to work. He also has one porta usb-c for charging and the company declares that the battery has a life that lasts all day. The price is around $199, to which however the cost of cellular connectivity must be added. Pre-orders are already available for us Italians too and the first deliveries are scheduled for the end of March. There is very little left to test this new technological gem.

Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

Goodbye smartphone? | Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

There is one thing to specify: as revolutionary as it may seem, the Rabbit it will absolutely not replace smartphones. In fact, you can’t use it to watch movies or play games. The main task of the R1 is to make the most boring tasks easier. To describe the device, Lyu compared it to handing your smartphone to a personal assistant to run an errand. The R1 for example can call an Uber in your place, just hold down the button and say “Find me an Uber to Piazza Garibaldi“. At that point the R1 will process your request and on the display you will be able to see cards with various rates and other details and will be able to request the selected service. The same thing also applies to make a restaurant reservation, buy a plane ticket, add a song to your Spotify playlist and so on. The peculiarity is that the Rabbit R1 It doesn’t have any apps. It doesn’t even connect to other applications, there are no plugins or proxy accounts, but most importantly does not pair with smartphone.

In fact, the R1 relies on to function Rabbit Os, which functions as an intermediate level with which to access a web portal and activate access to applications. Through a page, called Rabbit Holeit’s possible access your Spotify, Uber and Amazon accounts. By tapping one of the links, you will be asked to log in. In short words, Rabbit Os will ask you for permission to perform actions for you, connecting to the accounts you have. If you care about your privacy, Lyu assured that does not store credentials. Authentication takes place on the login systems of third-party services, furthermore you can also decide to disable Rabbit Os access and delete all stored data. Since you need to click the appropriate button to give orders to the device, it won’t listen to your conversations like all voice assistants do. The R1 will only hear you when you press the appropriate button.

Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

Rabbit evolves | Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

To understand and learn user commands, the backend uses a mix of language models based on ChatGPT, OpenAI and large action model (Lam) that allow the R1 to evolve e learn from users, observing how a human performs a task via a mobile, desktop, or cloud interface, and then repeating those tasks themselves. He already has basic lessons that he has learned, actions that are done with the most common apps, but over time he can learn more and more. Nowadays we are used to asking our voice assistants to send a message, call someone or play some good music. Rabbit does things differently. Rabbit Os, in fact, was created not only to do this, but also to take care of more complicated commissions. An example would be to search for a travel itinerary and the booking the best option taking into account your commitments and budget of those who use it. Or even add items to cartas in the Amazon example, completing all check-in and check-out steps and paying.

The most fascinating thing about this Ai assistant is the experimental learning mode, which however will be integrated in the future with updates. To teach the Rabbit R1 an action it will be enough frame what you are doing with the cameraas an example edit a photo by removing writings or otherwise. Practically teach the Rabbit an action just by showing it to him. Once the bunny has learned the action, simply press the button and ask him to do what you have taught him. One very nice thing that Lyu and her team taught Rabbit is how to survive Diablo IV, showing him how to kill enemies and keep his health bar full in the video game. We could even ask him to create a character in a video game in the specific menu and level him up.

Rabbit r1: what it is and how the new AI assistant works

A step forward for technology

Every day more and more devices come out that want to become your AI assistant, but probably, with what it offers, Rabbit R1 it’s the best we can have. In fact, the team is particularly keen that we use it as tool with which we interface with the digital world. What Lyu wanted to do with his startup Rabbit is to revolutionize technology and consequently the world. This new AI assistant really seems to be the future and what the Rabbit R1 does no one else can do.

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