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Racer-5 SE, the new industrial robot from Comau

Commasa Stellantis company, presents the new industrial robot Racer-5 Sensitive Enviroments (SE). It is a robot designed for particularly sensitive environments such as those found in the pharmaceutical, health and cosmetic, food and electronic sectors.

Comau presents the Racer-5 SE industrial robot

To be ready for the most delicate environments, the robot’s coating is resistant to water, heat and grease. The six-axis articulated robot meets certification IP67 and to ISO 5 for clean rooms (ISO 14644-1). Requirements to resist chemicals and the need to reduce the risk of contamination. Also equipped with lubrication for food use NSF H1. This allows the Racer-5 SE to be safe for operators without sacrificing productivity.

It is also precise, fast. Perfect for use in clean rooms and sensitive environments. While compact in size, it has a payload of 5 kga maximum reach of 809 mm and a shiny, chemical resistant surface.

comau Racer-5 SE 5 min

You can use it on a support surface, inclined or mounted on the wall or ceiling. It is suitable for the needs of handling pharmaceutical products in sterile filling rooms or assembly in a certified clean room of microelectronics. This reduces time, reduces costs.

It is also approved for direct contact with all types of food (EU regulation 1935/2004, EU regulation 10/2011 and EU regulation 1895/2005). And the degree of IP67 protection protects it from peroxide, chlorine, alcohol and other aggressive detergents.

It reduces time and human errors, accelerating production. As he explains Nicole ClementComau Chief Marketing Officer: “Our new Racer-5 SE combines efficiency and technical excellence with the features and functionality needed to effective application in sensitive environments. We expect the adoption of robotics in sensitive environments to grow significantly in the coming years, especially thanks to the increase in automation in rapidly growing sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, plastics and chemicals and electronics ”.

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