Radio One: Teufel’s new Hi-Fi radio alarm clock presented

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Teufel officially presents its new and powerful clock radio. Let’s talk about Radio One, which at night does its wake-up job and during the day its radio job. After all, what else is a clock radio supposed to do? Let’s find out together.

RADIO ONE: everything you could want from a clock radio

The clock radio is a bad job. After all, who really likes alarm clocks? But we all love music. In short, it is really a difficult job. But a pretty good product has just arrived on the market, made by Devil, a Berlin company renowned for its quality audio systems. in conclusion if I were to be a clock radio, I would be happy to be a Teufel clock radio.

The new device is called RADIO ONE, and is an extremely versatile Hi-Fi accessory. At night it is silent (or at least until the morning) while during the day it is the perfect companion for listening to music in high definition sound. A speaker that, in addition to high quality reproduction, also comes with an extremely pleasant design. It wakes up, plays music and is perfect for decorating your home. What else could you want from a clock radio?

An awakening… from dreams

RADIO ONE, with its delicate and always balanced tones, is paradoxically the best ally of sleep. Using it before bed, instead of a smartphone, allows you to limit exposure to blue light and enjoy an audiobook or podcast in peace. Its sound accompanies the awakening perfectly thanks to two 2-inch full-range drivers slightly tilted sideways and to the large passive membrane on the back. The acoustic performance is optimal thanks to the technology Dynamore by Teufel, designed to always guarantee a powerful and balanced sound. In short, you might wake up feeling like you are at a concert, not bad for Monday morning.

The display lighting is automatically or manually adjustable and with a large time indicator, sleep will therefore not be disturbed by annoying light beams from generic electronic devices.

RADIO ONE features: from bluetooth speaker to FM radio

RADIO ONE is able to transmit the radio both in FM and digitally – via DAB + – and has three memory banks, in order to save one’s favorite frequency. The design winks at the made in Berlin style and hides the wire antenna at the bottom of the device, making it almost invisible. For streaming music lovers, this clock radio is the perfect speaker to play audio tracks from your mobile or tablet, via Bluetooth or using the mini-jack input.

Managing the device, and its many features, is very simple thanks to the appropriate and intuitive buttons. In addition to choosing between two separate alarms, it will be possible to set a sleep timer and manage the external audio source. By setting RADIO ONE in standby mode, you can limit the light output of the display, and the possibilities for customizing the alarms are almost unlimited.

RADIO ONE by Teufel: price and features at a glance

RADIO ONE Teufel is now available, in the black and white version, at the price of 169,99 euro sul webshop devil.

To conclude, we offer a brief summary of the main features of the device

  • Powerful sounding Hi-Fi alarm clock with DAB + and FM
  • two 2-inch full range drivers and a large passive membrane on the back of the device
  • wide sound stage thanks to integrated Dynamore technology • Bluetooth 5.1 for music playback from mobile devices
  • three preset stations each for DAB + and FM
  • 3.5 mm input that allows the connection of an external source • two separate alarms, alarm mode: single, daily, weekday, weekend
  • alarm clock with radio, by Bluetooth or with one of the integrated sounds
  • sleep timer for 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes
  • large display with adjustable brightness in automatic or manual mode • wire antenna, elegantly placed in the lower part of the device, removable for optimal FM and DAB reception • intuitive operation via direct keys and mechanical multifunction knob
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