Ragazzi in Gamba è la nuova skill Alexa promossa dall'Associazione Italiana Persone Down thumbnail

Ragazzi in Gamba is the new Alexa skill of the Italian Association of Downs

Ragazzi in Gamba is the new Alexa skill promoted by the Italian Association of People Down thumbnail

Using the voice command “Alexa, open Smart Guys”, it is now possible listen to interactive stories created by the Italian Association of Downs – whose main theme is autonomy – which offer girls and boys with Down syndrome, and others, a useful support for learning and recognizing the appropriate behaviors to adopt in situations where a certain level of autonomy may be necessary.

The new skill arrives on the occasion of the World Down Syndrome Day, which is celebrated on March 21st. We remember that the Italian Association of Down People APS-ETS (AIPD) is an association that has been promoting respect for the rights of people with Down syndrome and their inclusion in society throughout Italy for over forty years.

“Alexa, open Cool Guys”

Available from today on all devices that integrate the Alexa voice assistant, the skill uses a narrative voice – named Giorgio – to tell stories about what behaviors you can adopt when you are alone, both in a practical way – for example how you move around the city alone both on the relationship front.

Through these stories Alexa reminds us that the right solution is not always just one and that from every action arise one or more consequences in the face of which you have to be prepared, possibly knowing how to react e putting aside fears and insecurities.

“We are very proud to have supported the Italian Association of Downs in the creation of the Skill Ragazzi in Gamba. Through the interactive stories of Alexa, written by the AIPD, we give voice to messages of independence and autonomy that can offer concrete support to girls and boys with Down syndrome, underlining our commitment to making Alexa technology increasingly accessible”. he has declared Giacomo Costantini, Amazon Alexa Business Development Manager.

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