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Rainbow Six Extraction review: a punitive shooter

In this review we are going to examine Rainbow Six Extraction, the new title launched by Ubisoft on the main gaming platforms

After a troubled gestation, where the video game has suffered not only huge delays in the launch and also a change of name, Rainbow Six Extraction has finally arrived on the market e in this review we will analyze it in every aspect. How did the Ubisoft title behave on our PC? We just have to start to find out.

An unconvincing story and in part already seen

The title is proposed as the PvE sector that is missing from the more famous Rainbow Six Siege. While we have come to like some PvE modes on one of the most played shooters in the world, they never quite convinced. In these we noticed the commitment of the developers in realizing timed events that could give new life to the title. However these, once the term expired, were eliminated and they never became an integral part of PvP.

The developers have therefore opted for a completely new game, in which to insert the various operators already known over the years. Although therefore each of these had a particular story behind it, in this new video game we will find them as part of one large organization. The world was invaded by a “parasitestranger, which appeared in various areas for no apparent reason and the REACT it is humanity’s only hope of countering it.

We will therefore find ourselves facing an unknown enemy and all we have to defeat him is only bullets, innovative technologies and knowledge. As we acquire the latter by completing our studies, we will advance more and more and the missions will become more complicated. But let’s go in order and try to understand how the game is structured in this Rainbow Six Extraction review.

Strategy and Preparation – Rainbow Six Extraction Review

As you can guess then, Extraction is a strategic shooter, perhaps even more so than his cousin Siege. Breaking into the haunted area and shooting killing everyone won’t be the only way to overcome adversity. In every game we will have three goals, one for each sub-area of ​​the map, with increasing difficulty. Overcoming them all will allow us to gain experience that will increase the level of operators and will allow us to progress.

Even the “studies” will be important to gather experience and get to know your opponents better. Getting ready for each round will therefore be essential. Not only the choice of the character, but also that of the equipment and the various REACT technologies will be important. If your raid involves stealth missions, it will be useless to carry a shotgun.

As we said earlier, the difficulty will increase as we proceed in the three sub-areas of the map. However this it will also be calculated based on the number of operators present at the time of the raid. It will therefore be possible to play “quietly” in single player rather than with random companions. In addition, each region of the world that we are going to visit will have a gradually greater degree of difficulty, making the really complex game if you don’t have the ideal equipment.

Rainbow Six Extraction review: a punitive shooter

Too punishing if you improvise – Rainbow Six Extraction Review

Choosing a strategic approach is definitely the best way to play this shooter. However, you can also choose to “dedicate yourself to exploration”. In this case, however, it is almost certain, especially if you play solo or with companions who have adopted your same “doctrine”, that you will not complete the missions or that your operator becomes a DIA (Missing In Action).

In each raid we will be able to choose between the various operators available. In addition to completing the various set objectives to gain experience, it will also be necessary extract our operator from the map. The extraction can take place in two ways: either by extraction at the appropriate area after recalling the helicopter, or by means of the extraction capsule if our operator has been shot down. In the latter case, however, we will have to be carried on the shoulder by one of our team mates.

If we manage to escape, our operator will be safe, but he may be injured and therefore unusable for a few rounds. If, on the other hand, we fail to escape the clutches of the parasite, our operator will become a DIA. In this case we will no longer be able to use it until we retrieve it during a dedicated mission. It can therefore be easily deduced that the game turns out to be quite punitive and that calculating every little detail can make a difference in battle.

Moreover, to make the situation even worse, there is the inability to permanently heal operators during a raid. Each treatment will in fact be temporary, whether it is carried out through medical kits or through the powers of the operators, such as Doc. At the end of the round, however, based on accumulated experience, we will get some life points which will then be restored on the various injured operators or with life not really at its best.

A hardcore system also due to bugs – Rainbow Six Extraction review

We have therefore seen how simple it is to get lost in a glass of water and, even more, to lose your operators. Overcoming even the first raids won’t be that easy. Although you can gradually unlock various technologies rather useful in the course of the missions, the degree of difficulty will also increase exponentially. This will ensure increasingly challenging matches that they will go to counteract the monotony of goals that are always the same.

However, the growing difficulty will not be the only problem to deal with. Ultimately, if we realize that the difficulty is too high for us, we can still escape via the extraction area. But what if we run into a bug? Unfortunately games are never without them. Whether they are characters stuck in the structures, graphic glitches such as clothing interpenetrated badly in the models and so on and so forth, no game is exempt.

On Rainbow Six Extraction however we have found some, also quite serious, which is important to discuss in this review. We often found ourselves with a bug during the peer resuscitation phase. Although the animation ended, the latter remained on the ground and we were forced to repeat the operation several times before it was completed successfully. In other cases we have been unable to reload weapons although there were still bullets available.

In others, however, we are find yourself completely stuck in one place, without the possibility of pressing on the screens of the decontamination areas or the extraction areas. In addition, we were not even able to let our teammates shoot us down and then let us revive in the hope of being able to be unblocked from that situation. In these cases then we were forced to disconnect from the game, losing our operator by making it a DIA.

Excluding these bugs, the title is well established from a technical point of view. The choice, as happens for Siege, of small maps allows you to make the title fluid even in the case of rather heavy animations. As for the commands then there is the total absence of important input-lag, thus guaranteeing maximum reactivity. In short, with a solid base like that of Rainbow Six Siege it was difficult to compromise these aspects. The graphics are also good, with well-made opponents and maps full of details well define the post-apocalyptic idea that characterizes the title.


We are therefore approaching the end of this review on Rainbow Six Extraction and it is therefore time to draw some conclusions. The game looks like the PvE sector that is missing on Rainbow Six Siege e exploits all the strengths such as the shooting system and the strategic component. Having the operators unlocked, or in any case unlockable during the progress phase of the game, certainly helps a lot.

However, while it is easy to get operators, losing them is even more so. The game system is indeed truly punitive, enough to make our characters unavailable even for several rounds. While this may break the monotony of missions throughout the entire story arc, for the less experienced it can be exhausting and it could push many to give up the game after a short time, thanks above all to one story really poor in content and twists.

Some people think about increasing the player’s discomfort really annoying bugs which will inevitably compromise the raid, making us lose important progress or even the operator in use. Although therefore from one point of view it is really too punitive, on the other hand the system of DIA and injured operators is a good choice which allows us to vary between the various characters instead of choosing just one.

In our opinion it would have been useful to put a setting that would allow you to disable this option when you play with random people, perhaps with a penalty (even important) on the experience gained. In this way, however, it could have been make up for a disconnectionvoluntary or not, of our comrades o ai vari bug which did not allow us to bring the operator safely home, especially considering that there are three teams.

That’s all for this Rainbow Six Extraction review. We remind you that the Ubisoft game is available for the various gaming platforms at recommended price of € 49.99 for the console version, while of € 39.99 for that PC. If you intend to buy it, you can find this latest version at a slight discount on Instant Gaming. Furthermore, the holders ofXbox Game Pass they will be able to play it for free through their subscription. In order not to miss future reviews from the videogame universe, keep following the pages of!

Points in favor

  • Shooting system
  • Strategic at the right point
  • DIA system and injured operators …

Points against

  • Rather heavy bugs
  • “History”
  • … too punitive in some cases

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