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Rainbow Six Extraction: Spillover arrives, the first Crisis Event

Rainbow Six Extraction launches Spillover, the first in-game event since the launch of the title, a challenge that is not at all simple that requires a particularly strategic and defensive approach.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Spillover arrives and a new operator

Ubisoft just launched yesterday Spillovera new Crisis Event – the first actually – on Rainbow Six Extraction, where players must survive against waves of horrifying aliens. The challenge is by no means simple, and will require a strategic and defensive approach by the players, as well as a minimum of experience in the game.

In Spillover, players are deployed as usual in squads of 3, with the aim of destroying Archeleom’s colonies. Easier said than done, as hordes of enemies will start popping out of every corner of the map. It will therefore be needed great coordination between team members and a strong strategic component. Once players survive the destruction of one colony, they can move on to the next in an attempt to clean up the entire map.

Ubisoft has announced that all players who log in during the Spillover event will receive a new REACT technology: theAuto-Turret, capable of targeting and shooting enemy Archas. The studio also announced the arrival – or should we say the return – of a new operator: Zofia.

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