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Rainbow Six Extraction: the most useful tips and tricks to play

Among the titles coming out in January there was also Rainbow Six Extraction: in this guide we will see a series of tricks and tips that will be more than useful to play at your best

Ubisoft returns to churn out a new video game set in the universe of the famous writer of Tom Clancy, releasing the spin-off chapter of one of the most played cooperative multiplayer currently, Rainbow Six Siege, with the new episode that takes the name of Extraction. In Rainbow Six Extraction, players will have to deal with environments infested with aliens, in which they will have to try to complete objectives during their raids.

While there are numerous similarities with Rainbow Six Siege, such as the return of many operators and the actions that can be carried out in the game world, in Extraction there is a much more pressing focus towards goals and survival of alien creatures, and the tension during the matches was greatly increased. Here is a Rainbow Six Extraction guide that could be extremely useful, in which some fundamental tips and tricks will be revealed.

Risky strategies

So let’s start this short list of tips and tricks for Rainbow Six Extraction: first of all, unlike the usual titles based on cooperative and multiplayer features, in Extraction a less frenetic pace will be found. Our thinking during the games should not be based exclusively on weapons and fighting, but also towards the stealth part of the title; however, even in this respect it will be necessary pay attention to the choices applied to your equipment. In Rainbow Six Extraction, when an enemy finds a player, he will emit a cry capable of attracting his other companions; however, trying to be silent with your weapons to eliminate threats will not always be the best move to take.

In fact, while it might be tempting to carry two silenced weapons with you along each mission you will face, it does not mean that this will prove to be a real advantage, considering the significant reduction in damage that would ensue. Additionally, most characters will have a gun capable of killing enemies in one shot by targeting their weak spot, and also with a silencer. As for the primary weapon, it is advisable to add some accessory to the barrel, like the muzzle brake. Silenced shotguns could also be a good idea, but if you find yourself in a very critical situation it will be better that such a powerful weapon is ready to take victims with all its strength.

Rainbow Six Extraction: the most useful tips and tricks to play

Who goes slow goes sane and goes far – Rainbow Six Extraction: tips and tricks

Another aspect that differentiates Rainbow Six Extraction from the previously released title concerns the management of the health of the characters that you are going to use. In Extraction, in addition to the greater difficulty in restoring health and replenishing ammunition, there is also the inability to regenerate life points, which will remain the same even once a mission is completed.

The damage that the operators will suffer will therefore be carried over to the various games, and for this reason you will have to take good care of your soldiers, even if you try to reach a high rank as fast as possible. At least for one mission, it will be wise to decide to leave the operator to rest in the rear, choosing an alternative to play with. The only operators who will regain the lost salutation after a mission will be those who will rest on the used bench.

Boom baby! – Rainbow Six Extraction tips and tricks

Among the most important tips and tricks, there is also an inherent point REACT technology, which in Rainbow Six Extraction has been further revamped to put a stop to the archaic menace. During the raids you will have a number of brand new devices, developed specifically for this looming threat. My scanner they will help the player considerably, as they will automatically identify all the archaea that pass within its range of coverage, along with the various consumable items.

In addition to these new mines, one has also been added superior version to stun grenades, or paralyzing ones. They will prove to be a weapon capable of containing the attack of multiple archaea, and upon their impact the explosion will temporarily paralyze all kinds of threats, making them also very vulnerable. They work with any non-elite enemy type (except Apex), and their effect will last longer than stuns.

Get them off me – Rainbow Six Extraction: tips and tricks

The highest difficulties of Rainbow Six Extraction will be made much more difficult by the blinding spores: they appear as large protuberant bodies and a gaudy yellowish color, and will attack any unfortunate person who passes by, attaching itself and it then explodes a few seconds later. The result is sudden blindness, and also high damage from smoke inhalation.

Here are some little tips and tricks that we can give to prevent this from happening during the games of Rainbow Six Extraction: in case you play with another player, you can intervene to help shooting at the spores, thus helping to remove some. Unfortunately, getting rid of them on your own will be a little more difficult. However, it will not be impossible, if they are going to be used of wide-ranging explosions through stun grenades, or smashing through the spores with Nomad’s air punch thrower.

Voice your concerns

The latest tips and tricks we’re going to expose will focus on the team, since it and its constituent components become an essential key to success in Rainbow Six Extraction (also seen as the game forces players in the same session to choose different characters from each other). In addition, communication will also play one of the most important roles in ensuring the smooth running of a raid. One of the tips you can treasure is, instead of just using voice chat, go and tag points of interest (on PS5 it can be done by pressing the Up button on the D-Pad). If an enemy is tagged, he will remain visible at all times, even in the presence of walls or at long distances.

The most important tips related to Rainbow Six Extraction end here, but in case you are looking for more guides, you can find more on our site. Finally, remember that Rainbow Six Extraction has been made available since its launch in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, so those less convinced of wanting to “transition” to this title will still have the opportunity to try it for free to see if it is bread for their teeth or not. .

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