Rainbow Six Siege: what you need to know about Year 7 Season 1

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: ritorna l

Ubisoft officially presents Rainbow Six Siege Season 1 of Year 7 with Operation Demon Veil. Among the novelties a new Operator directly from Japan and an unpublished map.

Rainbow Six Siege: Year 7 Season 1 introduces us to Azami

Another season another Operator: la Season 1 Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege introduces us Maximum, a new Operator directly from Japan. Furthermore the new Team Deathmatch mode and a new map brings further news to the acclaimed title based on the works of Tom Clancy. But let’s go in order, starting with the new Defender from the land of the Rising Sun.

Maximum will have Kiba Barrier, its launchable cylinders that distribute an expandable material that solidifies, transforming itself into a bulletproof surface. Perfect for creating quick cover from enemy attacks. The gadget also allows you to quickly repair holes in walls and floors. An Operator defensive approach but versatile, with medium speed and medium health. Its arsenal includes a 9X19SVN or an ACS12 (as a primary weapon) and a D-50 as a secondary weapon.

As for the new map, it is time to raise the glasses of beer to the sky. In fact in Emerald Plains we will meet again in Ireland, in a modern country club with multiple levels of action. Also introduced theAttacks Repick, which will allow Attackers to change their Operators and their equipment during the Preparation Phase. An improvement that aims to ensure greater effectiveness during the Preparation Phase. In fact, in this way, the Attackers will be able to use the information collected to adjust the shot regarding their strategy. Attacker Repick will be available for all game modes: Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked e Pro League.

A new game mode, new skins and other novelties

Among the other new features of Demon Veil we also find one new game mode called Team Deathmatch. The latter presents itself as a perfect training ground in view of competitive matches. Also worth noting are various updates regarding the balancing of the Operators for Goyo and Valkyrie and the introduction of a new Elite skin (exclusive for Nomad). Season 1 rewards players who report problems on R6Fix. In fact, when a report reaches Under Investigation status, players will receive a reward depending on the severity of the reported problem.

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