Rakuten Kobo presents 5 titles for Mother’s Day

5 titoli per la Festa della Mamma: i consigli di Rakuten Kobo thumbnail

To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are 5 titles selected by Rakuten Kobo, leading company in the eReading and digital listening sector.

Rakuten Kobo, for Mother’s Day recommends…

I’m glad my mom is dead, by Jennette McCurdy

Written with disarming sincerity and lots of black humor, I’m glad my mom is dead is the story of what happens when whoever should love and protect us is actually the real monster, abusing our innocence. However, this ebook is above all a story about resilience and the conquest of freedom.

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Blue Nights, by Joan Didion

Blue Nights are the long, bright hours of the evening which in New York are the prelude to the summer solstice. It has been seven years since Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne celebrated the wedding of their daughter Quintana Roo at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam Avenue. Joan Didion meticulously looks back on that day, describing her deep pain with impressive precision.

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Stepmother, of Teresa Ciabatti

With her uncomfortable and irresistible voice, Teresa Ciabatti immerses us in the story of a mystery, with a novel about roles that we never stop attributing: father, mother, brother, sister. Where the family deploys all its obsessions, manifesting itself first as a refuge, then as a condemnation.

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Paula, at Isabel Allende

Paula is an autobiography by Allende, a story that mixes pain and hope, a confession on the genesis of his works, travels and loves. In this book frankness and humanity, laughter and tears alternate. Allende says goodbye to Paula as a woman to welcome her “spirit”. Because as long as the memory exists, no separation is definitive.

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The saffron colored kitchen, of Yasmin Crowther

In an autumnal London, two tragic events upset the existence of Maryam Mazar: the death of her sister in Tehran and the painful interruption of her daughter Sara’s pregnancy.

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