Rakuten TV porta numerosi film e serie TV di alto livello su NVIDIA SHIELD TV thumbnail

Rakuten TV brings many top-notch movies and TV series to NVIDIA SHIELD TV

NVIDIA recently announced the brand new release of theapp for SHIELD TV which now also includes Rakuten TVone of major video on demand platforms in Europe. Thanks to the application now available, users will finally be able to enjoy a unique and sensational immersive cinematic experience. Let’s find out all the details together.

NVIDIA Shield TV: arriva Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV intervista yuko oki

The streaming platform of Rakuten TV is one of the best out there and offers a truly immersive cinematic experience through the availability of latest titles and the most advanced technology. It also allows all users to stay always up to date with the latest news. At the same time it gives a universe of free content in one container: From high quality movies and TV series to TV channels, you can enjoy the world of entertainment you are looking for.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV instead, it is the best streaming box in its category. SHIELD TV e SHIELD TV Pro they offer unparalleled levels of home entertainment in 4Kgreat titles through GeForce NOW e IAwithout forgetting incredible smart home features right in your living room.

The processor Tegra X1+ helps to give life to Dolby Vision for vivid images and Dolby Atmos for extraordinary audio. Its computational power also dramatically improves image quality by using artificial intelligence to scale i HD video streams at 4K resolution.

If you too can’t wait to try the application, you can easily download it from Google Play Store across the official site.

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