Ray-Ban Stories: new features soon, including voice commands in Italian

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Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses will be available with various features, including voice commands in Italian

If you are looking for a solid company to entrust with the protection of your eyes, Ray-Ban is definitely it among the most popular names. With Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, capable of taking photos and videos and listening to music, the brand has entered the most technological frontier of the optical sector. After debuting in Italy, USA, Australia and other countries in September, in the last six months it has been shown how they could be used for the most disparate moments of life: dabbling in skydiving, exploring the city, attending concerts and festivals, with Ray-Ban Stories it has always been possible photographing all kinds of experiences with sight, without any kind of impediment or superfluous distraction. Now, the Ray-Ban Stories will be introduced in other countries of the world, and among the new features will also be included the much sought-after voice commands in Italian.

Voice commands in Italian among the new Ray-Ban Stories features

Starting in April, the Ray-Ban Stories they will update with more features and functionality: as regards the aesthetic ones, four new colors will be added to the markets, including Glossy Black Round with Transitions gray lenses or with brown lenses e Wayfarer Matt Black with gray lenses or Glossy black with brown lenses. The lenses will also ensure optimal vision in every situation, and will have 28 combinations available to choose your favorite style. In addition to that, in April the Ray-Ban Stories will increase 30 seconds of recordable video to 60, being also able to alternate the maximum duration with the settings of the Facebook View app.

Ray-Ban Stories: new features soon, including voice commands in Italian

Also in April, in the new features of the Ray-Ban Stories there will be voice commands in Italian and French, with sound notifications when the battery needs to be charged, or there will be little space in the memory, or even when the heat of the glasses is too hot or cold. Voice commands will be useful a check the battery status and to manage the multimedia system, and will give the possibility to call, text and read messages by voice. Finally, a hardware privacy feature has been designed that will allow you to turn off your glasses in private places or warn others that you are shooting; all guidelines will be visible on a dedicated site. An awareness campaign on the use of smart glasses will also be launched next month. In the end, from 14 April, the Ray-Ban Stories will also be available in stores in France.

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