Gli occhiali smart Ray-Ban Stories supportano l'utilizzo di WhatsApp thumbnail

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses support WhatsApp

With a post on Facebook today, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the arrival of new hands-free features for Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses who will be able to count on a deep connection with the messaging app WhatsApp for both Android and iOS version. Here are the details:

WhatsApp supports Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Thanks to the new features announced today, owners of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses will be able to link their accessories to their WhatsApp account. This system will allow, therefore, to send messages and make calls in “hands-free” mode and taking advantage of the crittografia end to end.

It should also be noted that it will be possible for Ray-Ban Stories users to listen to messages received via WhatsApp in an even simpler way. These innovations represent a new step towards the launch of additional features designed to access Meta applications from smart devices such as Ray-Ban Stories.

In the future, in fact, Zuckerberg pointed out that there will be the possibility of use voice commands to reply directly to messages via Messenger and WhatsApp using only Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. More details will arrive, of course, in the coming weeks.

Of course, Meta intends to invest heavily in the connection between smart devices and its social and messaging applications. The company focuses on the metaverse and on the possibility of exploiting new ways to connect people. The news related to WhatsApp and Messenger for smart glasses are just one example of the many future projects the company is working on.

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