Razer: all’E3 2021 il futuro dell’hardware gaming

Razer will create an interactive keynote in extended reality on the occasion of the largest showcase dedicated to the world of gaming

Razer, the global leader in lifestyle gaming, announces its first Keynote all’E3 2021, one of the most anticipated, scheduled Monday, June 14 at 3 pm PST. Razer CEO and co-founder Min-Liang Tan will unveil a series of innovative hardware innovations characterized by the design and the best technology of the company; aimed at further raising the level of PC gaming.

This is Razer’s first keynote at the world’s leading E3 video game event. The event has always been an opportunity to present the best of the gaming industry with the participation of the main video game brands in the world; and Razer is proud to share the latest innovations and hardware they will support the best that pc gaming has to offer.

Razer: all'E3 2021 il futuro dell'hardware gaming

Razer: lots of news at the E3 2021 event

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan will lead the keynote at E3 2021 in a brand new extended reality format; that blends live and virtual spaces for an engaging presentation experience. Supported by the interactive E3 overlay, millions of brand fans and gamers around the world they will be able to join the event in live streaming and they will see Min-Liang, flanked by other players in the sector, talk about the innovations that will take pc gaming to new levels of performance and immersion.

Razer: all'E3 2021 il futuro dell'hardware gaming

Razer’s keynote will be broadcast internationally on the official E3 channels (Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook), within the E3 portal and app, on the websites of the event’s media partners including IGN, GameSpot, PC Gamer, GamesRadar + and others , as well as on the main social channels of the company.

After the keynote, a virtual RazerStore Live event with celebrities from the world of gaming will be streamed live on Razer’s social channels with more revelations, product launches and giveaways.

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