Razer Green Found: 50 milioni per le startup eco-friendly

Razer is also moving towards Earth Day 2021 with the announcement of the Razer Green Fund, dedicated to startups aiming to improve the sustainability of our economy

Razer announces the launch of the new Razer Green Fund from 50 million dollars and a “seed” investment in The Nurturing Co. Pte. Ltd. (“The Nurturing Co”), an established startup of sustainable products. The company is best known for creating BAMBOOLOO, one of the first brands in the world of “plastic-free” disposable bamboo toilet paper and household products.

In March, Razer defined a ten-year sustainability roadmap as part of the #GoGreenWithRazer initiative, with four key goals, including using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and achieving zero emissions by 2030, which testify to the company’s commitment to preserving nature and protecting the environment. Also with this in mind, Razer also has announced multiple initiatives dedicated to the development of a Green Community, aimed at educating and sensitizing gamers from all over the world to contribute to the “green” cause. In particular the highly successful Sneki Snek campaign in collaboration with Conservation International for the protection of 1 million trees, and the limited edition Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection made with recycled marine plastic.

Razer Green Found: 50 milioni per le startup eco-friendly

Razer Green Found: Support for sustainable startups with the Razer Green Fund

To celebrate Earth Day and in line with the 10-year roadmap, Razer has set aside a $ 50 million treasure to support and invest in environmental startups. The Razer Green Fund will be managed by zVentures, the venture capital arm of the business, and will be an integral part of Razer’s strategic investment business. The Razer Green Fund will seek to foster a green mindset among Razer communities of youth, millennials and Gen Z through strategic investments, which aim to accelerate sustainable businesses, with a focus on renewable energy, emissions management and plastics. Through the Razer Green Fund, startups will be able to deliver innovative technology that can shape the world for future generations. Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff at Razer:

Since the announcement of the multi-year sustainability plan, Razer has been inundated with inquiries about how startups can accelerate their green initiatives. The Razer Green Fund was set up for this purpose: to enable those with the best intentions to further their ambitions.

Partnership con BAMBOOLOO

To kickstart the new Green Fund initiative, Razer has completed a seed investment in The Nurturing Co. through zVentures. The partnership will allow BAMBOOLOO (The Nurturing Co.’s sustainable toilet paper brand) to implement and supply bamboo toilet paper in some of Razer’s global offices, including the new Southeast Asian headquarters and soon to open office in Malaysia, as part of Razer’s green organization plan to ensure all operations are 100% carbon neutral.

Razer Green Found: 50 milioni per le startup eco-friendly

Bamboo pulp has proven to be the sustainable choice for toilet paper. In addition to its speed of growth, it requires 90% less water and 70% less emissions for its production than wood. By switching to bamboo toilet paper, a family of four can save over 30,000 liters of water in a year. BAMBOOLOO helps consumers move away from wood pulp-based paper products by offering bamboo-based toilet paper and other home care products. Patricia Liu continues:

BAMBOOLOO truly embodies our mission to preserve the earth for future generations. We are confident that this investment will set a strong precedent for the budding conservation startups that follow.

David Ward, CEO and founder of The Nurturing Co comments:

The Nurturing Co. is thrilled to welcome Razer as a strategic investor. Our common vision and desire to contribute to a positive impact around the world is encouraging and we are thrilled to have them on board. Together with Razer, The Nurturing Co. will bring the BAMBOOLOO range of sustainable, low-impact products to even more consumers around the world.

Razer will continue to partner with The Nurturing Co. to leverage its ecosystem and grow its businesses. Razer will also continue to invest in other promising sustainable startups with a focus on renewable energy, emissions and plastic management, and sustainable forestry. From the web and social section, that’s all! Keep following us!

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