The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Walgreens annuncia i Minimates

Walgreens has announced the arrival, within its Minimates product line, of mini figures dedicated to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

After debuting on the Disney + subscription streaming service, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier they are preparing to enter the line as well Minimates made by Walgreens. The production house, in fact, has announced the arrival of the new mini figures dedicated to the heroes of the Marvel universe, who will then join the celebrations for the 18th anniversary of the line.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: annunciati i Minimates

The line dedicated to Minimates, strong of 18 years of militancy in the world of mini figures made by Walgreens, is ready to further expand its catalog thanks to releases based on Marvel incarnations related to the world of comics, movies, animation and now also of TV. What sees protagonists The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in fact, it is the first adaptation based on a series broadcast exclusively on Disney +, and it is already possible to buy the figures through the company’s website.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Walgreens annuncia i Minimates

The Serie plays four of the characters key present within the tv series, distributed in two packs each containing a pair of figures, and will understand the Falcon (Sam Wilson) con Baron Zero, e the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) along with the new one Captain America (John Walker). The Falconin addition, it will include removable wings, goggles and a flight stand; Baron Zeroinstead, it will have a removable mask, while Captain America will present a mask, also removable, a shield and a pistol.

Each figure will be entirely posable, thanks to 14 points of articulation present in the model, and it is possible to buy them through i Walgreens official stores.

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