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Razer Huntsman Mini Analog: the keyboard with analog switches

Razer has recently announced the arrival of the new Huntsman Mini Analog, the compact keyboard that comes with analog switches

Razer, a global leader in lifestyle gaming, continues to expand its family of peripherals. After an announcement a few months ago relating to the “head of the family” of keyboards, or the Huntsman V2the one concerning the new one has recently arrived Razer Huntsman Mini Analog. The latter also came in conjunction with the partnership riguardante Envy Gaming. For more details, please read our article. But now let’s get to know the newcomer of the company.

Here is Razer’s compact Huntsman Mini Analog keyboard

Thanks to Analog Optical Switch Razer owners, the keyboard offers gamers very high levels of precision, performance and control in a small, portable form factor. Thanks to the integration of this type of switch, the Huntsman Mini Analog refines the in-game experience with a adjustable analog control for sensitivity presets and one double key mapping for digital / analog inputs.

This allows users to benefit from more control over the throttle and steering in racing or racing games assign two functions to a single key depending on how much is pressed. This ensures that you have both walk and run on one button in first person shooters. For the ultimate in solidity, the fingerboard is topped with keycap in PBT Doubleshotfor a long-lasting textured finish that keeps its appearance intact even after prolonged use.

An aluminum design helps to ensure further durability to the keyboard, while the removable Type-C cable ensures easy portability. Its shape makes it ideal for LAN parties, those who love minimalist set-ups, or those looking to save space, while still offering the calibrated control and precision required by today’s games. This peripheral can be purchased on the official website at recommended price of € 159.99. However at the moment it is present only in the US layout. In order not to miss further news related to the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of tuttooteK!

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