RAZER ISKUR X: the minimum gaming seat

Competitively priced, the Razer Iskur X is the essential gaming chair for long-term comfort and durability, while new head and lumbar cushions ensure correct posture and support for every gamer.

Razer announces Iskur X, the new entry in Razer’s family of designed gaming chairs ergonomically for maximum comfort and to ensure a long service life. Featuring a steel-reinforced body with high-density foam and finished with durable, multi-layered synthetic leather, the Iskur X is designed for comfort and support even in the most intense gaming sessions.

RAZER ISKUR X: the minimum gaming seat

RAZER ISKUR X: an essential gaming chair

Iskur X supports up to 136 kg and features a sculpted backrest, giving more support along the natural curve of the spine. Armrests reduce strain on the wrists and shoulders, while the angled seat edge maximizes upper leg and thigh support. With a multifunctional recline, the Iskur X can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for long gaming sessions.

The Razer Head Cushion and the Razer Lumbar Cushion. Designed for use with any gaming chair, the Razer Lumbar Cushion helps keep the spine in a neutral position, with ergonomic support that shapes the back thanks to memory foam padding. The Razer Head Cushion complements the comfort with a core of memory foam densa, adapting to the shape of the head for the perfect balance between comfort and support.

RAZER ISKUR X: the minimum gaming seat

Availability and price

  • Razer Iskur X – 399,00 Euro

  • Razer Head Cushion – 49,99 Euro

  • Razer Lumbar Cushion – 59,99 Euro

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