Razer Opus X review: lightness and infinite life

In this review we will discover the Razer Opus X, the new Bluetooth headphones of the Singaporean-American company. Let’s see how they went in this test

The market for wireless devices now has no limits. Almost everything, as a matter of practicality, has a “wireless” version. In recent years there has been an acceleration not only from a production point of view, but also from an engineering point of view. New technologies make it possible to have increasingly competitive products, especially in the field of Bluetooth earphones and headphones. In this review instead we will go to know the Razer Opus X and we will find out how they behaved in our hands.

Data sheet

  • Weight: about 275 g
  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Technology: ANC
  • Design: Over-ear
  • Battery life: about 40 hours
  • Reload: 1-2 ore, USB type-C

Razer Opus X review: lightness and infinite life

Design and packaging | Razer Opus X review

The headphones come in a modest package in terms of size. The latter in fact will be slightly larger than the Opus X. Outside the box design is very neat and elegant and these characteristics are then reflected on the product inside. In addition to the headphones we will find internally a certificate stating the authenticity of the product, a manual, two stickers with the company logo and the cavo USB type-C which we will use for recharging.

The headphones are housed in a cardboard box specially molded to avoid accidental bumps of the same. They will also be coated with a rubberized plastic that will go to further cushion shocks. The same treatment is reserved for each individual pavilion and the charging cable. To our great chagrin we noticed the absence of any bag that can act as a bag for carrying the headphones. A real shame because this tends to limit its portability if we don’t have it ourselves.

The design of the headphones appears to be very stylish. While these Razer Opus Xs are not a real featherweight, you can see the company’s work to make them as light as possible. The arch that connects the two pavilions in fact turns out to be as small as possible, although it demonstrates one not indifferent robustness. The rubber coating is also very thin although it still manages to protect our head when the headphones are in place.

The only flaw in terms of design to report in this review on the Razer Opus X derives from the lining of the pavilions that, especially in this period, it will make our ears sweat and not a little. The position of the keys on the underside of the right pavilion is very convenient, they can be activated simply with the thumb and well diversified to recognize them by touch.

Razer Opus X review: lightness and infinite life

Fit and performance | Razer Opus X review

The weight of about 275 g certainly does not place these headphones among the lightest in circulation on the market. However, although this weight is not so indifferent, the fit remains the best, even after hours of use. In fact, even in long sessions we will not feel the slightest discomfort or heaviness, thanks to a truly flawless balance. The pavilions will completely cover our ears, giving us not only a good insulation, but also a comfort worthy of any headphones with over ear design.

But what happens if we wear glasses? Well no problem. Even in this case, in fact, the headphones will not press on the temples, but they will be comfortable and they will not bother you even in the case of glasses with a slightly thicker frame. In conclusion, an unparalleled fit and that will allow anyone to spend hours in comfort without even noticing their presence.

But how do they actually sound? We can enjoy one good audio quality, while remaining on average with that of their respective competitors. The strong point, however, is on the gaming side, thanks to the low latency less than 60 ms. In fact, in this mode the audio will arrive at almost the same instant as it would happen with a wired headset. Any external disturbance will then be eliminated from the mode ANC doing a good job.

However, if you wear the headphones without playing any sound, the ANC will go to generate a slight white noise automatically which in the long run can be annoying. As for the microphones, however, we have not found no quality problems. The voice has never been affected by major distortions, even at a distance and with walls in between, although it felt slightly muffled. Also background noises have been almost completely eliminated, guaranteeing a clean call both for those who made it and for those who received it from the other end.

Razer Opus X review: lightness and infinite life

An app synonymous with guarantee | Razer Opus X review

The strong point that allows a much wider use is certainly the app Razer Audio. Through the latter, available both for devices Android that iOS, the use of these headphones takes on an important depth, differentiating them from other direct competitors. The thing that left us most satisfied is the possibility of connect the Opus X to our mobile, to change some settings, even though they are already connected to another Bluetooth device.

Put simply, it will be possible to change some parameters, such as equalization, although the headphones are connected to another device, such as a notebook. In this way we can always enjoy the best audio quality with any device. However, this connection will not always be possible and in some cases we will not be able to connect the headphones via app to the smartphone. We did not understand what caused this problem as it occasionally recurred with devices already paired previously.

Through Razer Audio it will be possible to modify some parameters such as equalization, but also the sleep timer headphones if not in use, the active noise cancellation or activate and deactivate the game mode which will allow us to enjoy a low frequency. Although we did not notice any problems with the latter and the structuring of the settings seemed adequate, we found the equalizer somewhat lacking.

In this entry in fact we find only five pre-set profiles which can guarantee a pleasant enough experience if you don’t expect excellent audio quality. In short, for those who want to use them in the gaming field, they can certainly be really useful. If, on the other hand, you want to listen to music with the best sound quality, you will have to settle for it. In fact, there is no manual equalizer to better manage the volume settings, so you will have to choose the profile that best suits your playlists.


We have now reached the end of this review on the Razer Opus X and it is therefore time to take stock. These headphones from the very nice and elegant design they are definitely a good buy for anyone who wants a pair of headphones that can ensure low latency and a comfortable fit. Even the very short charging times and the fairly important duration of the battery allow a fairly wide use, especially if you are traveling.

Although they are equipped with these features that make them excellent for a fairly prolonged use, the absence of a bag specially designed for transport and not total “folding” so to speak – you can only rotate the pavilions – they make it difficult to transport. The audio quality of both the earpads and the microphone is good, although you can notice a slight white noise with ANC activated without playing multimedia files.

But who should buy them then? The price of € 109.99 it certainly does not make them among the most affordable for everyone’s pockets. However, if you are looking for a pair of low-latency headphones and want to use them to play games on your smartphone or laptop, then they are for you. Also the presence of glasses does not affect the fit really comfortable and that will allow anyone to have prolonged sessions.

That’s all for this Razer Opus X review. We remind you that you can buy these headphones both on the official website and on Amazon in the three colors gave, rosa (Quartz) e white (Mercury). What do you think of this device? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further reviews regarding the hardware universe, keep following the pages of techgameworld.com!

Great low latency quality

Points in favor

  • Low latency
  • Fit
  • Battery and charging
  • App

Points against

  • Not foldable completely
  • Equalizer with presets only
  • Lack of a travel case