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Razer unveils the lightweight Viper V2 Pro mouse

Razer announces new wireless gaming mouse Viper V2 Pro, a lightweight product designed for competitive play. Indeed weighs only 58 grams, 20% cheaper than Viper Ultimate. And it mounts the brand new optical sensor Focus Pro 30K for excellent performance in the eSport world.

Razer announces the Viper V2 Pro mouse

The new mouse weighs very little. But that’s not all, as the Head of Razer’s PC Gaming division explains Chris Mitchell. “Here we are not content with simply reducing grams. Esports professionals and the community of mouse enthusiasts played a significant role in the development of the Viper V2 Pro by offering their own feedbackfrom the improvements of the switches or the sensor to the optimization of the protrusions of the side buttons ”.

To demonstrate the performance of the mouse, Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen che plays Valorant for OpTic Gaming established ikilling record at 2022 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) con 35. And he did it with a prototype of the model that you can now buy.

In addition to the lightness, the credit for these performances goes to the new optical sensor Razer’s Focus Pro 30Kwhich offers an accuracy of 99.8% resolution. Use AI features like Smart Tracking, Motion Sync e Asymmetric Cut-off at 26 granular levels. An extreme customization, for players who want to win.

The new mouse also uses i Razer Optical Mouse Gen3 as switches, which avoid the problems of double-clicking and debounce delay. They also have a 90 million click lifecycle, 25% longer than the previous generation.

The mouse is USB-C chargeable and has a button control of PPE on the bottom, to be able to adjust them without using software. In the package you will also find pre-cut grip tapes, a charging cable Razer Speedflex e il dongle USB HyperSpeed da 2,4GHz.

Available in black and white, costa 159,99 euro. For more information, this is the official page on the Razer website.

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