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Real-time translation of messages arrives on Telegram

Telegram simplifies the communication between people of different languages, carrying the real-time translation of messages with the first update of 2023. Just a tap to translate chats and understand what they wrote in any language. AND that’s not the only new thing to come.

Telegram launches real-time translation of messages

The next time someone sends you a message in a language other than the one set in the app or by the system, a translation bar in the the top of the screen will translate it for you. In fact, just touch the bar to read the translation of the message in real time.

An option available to all users, but only in one-on-one chats. Instead, subscribers Premium they will have access to this feature too within groups and channels.

As you can see from the GIF on the Telegram news page, it takes just one tap to switch from the original language to the translation and vice versa. A particularly useful feature for those who often receive messages in different languages ​​– for work or for any other reason. The fact that you can change the translation language is also very convenient. Especially if you travel a lot: you can join a canal in the city you want to visit to see the events and places the locals talk about.

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If you always prefer to read in the original language, you can also remove the bar by going to the settings menu.

The feature is more useful for users Premiumwho can save money with the new annual payment option up to 40 percent on the price of the service.

More news on Telegram

As always, Telegram updates don’t just bring a function and some bug fixes, but introduce several new features. For example, Separately, comes a tool for turning stickers and emojis into profile pictures. Not only can you use your favorite sticker as image, but you can also set or suggest profile pictures for your contacts. A feature available to everyone, not just Premium users.

Stickers and emojis are easier to sort by organizing them into categories. Something particularly useful given the amount of options present. On purpose: Telegram is also launching 10 new custom emoji packs.


There are also several small tweaks, such as the redesign of the app’s network usage rating tool. At the top of the screen you can see your data usage presented in a handy pie chart with separate tabs depending on which use mobile connections, Wi-Fi and roaming.

Telegram has also optimized the automatic media download settings to support more exceptions. Thus you will have a more control over media type and size which the app automatically saves in the phone memory.

Group admins also have more control on media that can be sent in chats. For example, you can block all media other than audio in coworker chats. It also improves developer management of bots, with special buttons to select groups, users or channels.

And then there are other small and big news like sign in with Apple ID and Google, other interactive emojis and more. The update should already be available to everyone, but the rollout is not always immediate: you may have to wait a little longer. But to be safe, check for pending updates in your store.

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