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RealityOS, what we know about Apple’s augmented reality software

That the Apple is working on a viewer for the mixed reality it is not a mystery just as it is no longer a mystery that the software dedicated to it will be called RealityOS or alternatively, rOS.

RealityOS is an ambitious Apple project

Apple has been working on the operating system since 2017 under the code name Oak. However, according to the news launched by Mark Gurman and according to the rumors that appeared on Twitter at the beginning of the year, the software will be called RealityOS o rOS and should go hand in hand with the name that the Cupertino company will give to its augmented reality viewer, which could be Reality One o Reality Pro.

Among other things, the first viewer from Apple should arrive on the market by first half of 2023 and it will be a useful device for gaming, video streaming, maps, video conferencing, messaging and so much more.

Gurman himself, moreover, described the Apple viewer as “a 3D environment that includes everything”.

Let’s see something more in detail of the viewer made in Apple


It will be among the pre-installed applications in the viewer and will see, in rOS, already existing features such as SharePlay to watch TV shows, movies or TV series with whoever is on the other side together and use the Memojis/Animojis come avatar.


In addition to FaceTime, there will also be the Messages app, the functioning of which is not yet fully known. It will probably be used above all to create chatroom e support video clips.


It should allow users to explore cities around the world in a 360-degree immersive experience.


Not much is known yet, except that the part relating to games will be as central as it is on the iPhone and iPad, including games dedicated exclusively to the augmented reality device.

App Store

As with the classic Apple devices, the mixed reality viewer will also have its own App Storeto download both official apps and apps created by third-party services.

Video streaming

Apple is developing a video streaming service for the viewerwhich will include 3D content. Here too, as for the App Store, Apple could make use of the collaboration of third parties for the creation of dedicated content.

And are you anxiously awaiting the new Apple viewer with RealityOS operating system?

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