realme: GT3 arrives with the new 240W technology

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Realme GT3 with 240W fast charge. The company invests in research and development to further enhance its fast charging technology

realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world. Industry leader with 240W charging record, the first to be mass-produced on a smartphone with the Type-C standard and accessible to users. The latest Counterpoint report confirms how realme is faithful to the motto “Dare to leap”, thanks to the innovation in the fast charging head, also confirmed by the upcoming launch of realme GT3 on February 28 at MWC which supports 240W technology.

realme GT3 with 240W fast charging: from democratizer to industry leader

Founded with a mission to empower young consumers with cutting-edge technology and design. realme continues to develop and market innovative fast charging technology for its smartphones. The company has always been focused on charging innovation. realme X7 in 2020 was equipped with 65W charging technology, in 2022 realme introduced the world’s fastest charging technology, 150W, with realme GT Neo3. This year, it is preparing to launch even more advanced technology, 240W, with realme GT3.

The innovation

realme, despite being a young brand, has always wanted to bring innovations to the market that improve the lives of consumers. By decreasing charge times to an hour or less on smartphones in every price segment. In fact, realme is introducing fast charging to smartphones under $150 for the first time. And it is able to achieve 85% market penetration in the sales of smartphones from 100 to 149$ with fast charging capabilities in 2022. Moreover, in 2022, realme ranked second in the medium-high premium segment (250 $-599$) for smartphones with 65W charging. Covering even higher price ranges with its leading technology.

realme GT3 with 240W charging – the highest charging standard in the industry

240W represents the industry’s highest standard of fast charging technology using a standard USB Type-C interface. Innovation in fast charging technology has a big impact on the entire smartphone industry. Advances in technology have indeed become a top priority, as smartphones are now able to combine different functions that were previously only available separately in a single device. With more and more functions, of course, the use becomes more intense, which leads to a directly proportional consumption of the battery. The presence of innovations in charging technology, such as the one that realme continues to push forward, will balance the forthcoming needs.

realme: GT3 arrives with the new 240W technology

Top player in the sector in terms of fast charging technology

Consumers are more interested in the time saved and charging speed of smartphones. Previously, it was normal to keep the device plugged in for more than two hours and wait for it to recharge. Today, however, content consumption is on the rise and users prefer to be connected without long downtime due to charging their phones. Increased power delivery capabilities have significantly reduced charging times, with over 100W charging technology capable of reaching full charge in 20-25 minutes. The latest 240W power from industry-leading realme takes fast charging to the next level. Francis Wong, CEO of realme Europe, said:

realme is known as a brand that makes the latest technology more accessible to everyone. This time, realme proves that we can do more by becoming the top player in the industry in terms of fast charging technology and penetration rate across all segments.

R&D resources to power the world’s leading fast charging technology

Underlying this industrial innovation is realme’s continuous investment in research and development resources. In fact, the brand has invested in a research and development center dedicated to technological innovation, realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology in Shenzhen, China, and in a specialized branch in India. In addition, the brand has already entered into agreements with four major design studios globally to accelerate innovations in smartphone design. The dedicated R&D resources represent realme’s strategy and determination to accelerate innovations for future product development. The Shenzhen Institute will be in charge of developing the main technological innovations. At the same time, the R&D center in India will have the main task of collecting and sorting local user feedback and guiding the development of future directions. This will lead to more agile and adaptive development, allowing realme to offer greater speed and quality, both in terms of technology and product and marketing.

realme Global Institue of leap-forward technology

The realme Global Institute of leap-forward technology comprises more than 60 global technical experts and the company has also expanded its R&D team, which now accounts for 60% of realme’s total workforce. The institute will focus on innovation in 6 main sectors: charging, photography, display, gaming, processor and industrial design. In addition to building an internal team, the institute will work closely with both internal and external industry partners and laboratories; it will also speed up the response to user needs and more efficient operation between R&D and marketing.

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